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Yarmouth “Sovereign Citizen” Hippie Warned That He Would “Shut Down Folks Who Deserve It” On Facebook Before Killing Hiker On Appalachian Trail 


Tragic story out of Virginia that involves a mentally unstable individual from Yarmouth.

ABCChilling new details have emerged detailing how a Massachusetts man allegedly attacked a pair of hikers with a machete on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia, killing one and severely injuring the other. James L. Jordan, 30, of West Yarmouth, Massachusetts, was arrested early Saturday following the deadly attack in Wythe County, Virginia, that a federal prosecutor described Sunday as “senseless and brutal.”

On Friday, Jordan allegedly approached four hikers near the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday at the U.S. District Court in Abingdon, Virginia. Jordan was known to the hikers, who had previously seen on social media that he allegedly threatened hikers on the Appalachian Trail in Unicoi County, Tennessee in April, according to the probable cause statement. Jordan was acting “disturbed and unstable” and was playing his guitar and singing when he approached the group, the complaint states.

Later Friday evening, the group made camp near Wythe County, Virginia, within the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest, when Jordan allegedly began approaching the hikers’ tents, making noises and threatening to kill them, according to the probable cause statement. Through the tents, Jordan allegedly threatened to pour gasoline on them and “burn them to death,” prompting the hikers to pack up and leave.

Jordan then allegedly tried to approach the hikers with a knife as they tried to leave the campsite, the complaint states. Two of the hikers chased him away, but Jordan allegedly returned and began stabbing the male victim in the upper body after they began arguing, the complaint states. The female victim ran away after watching the first victim fall to the ground, but Jordan caught up to her as she began to tire, according to the court documents. She then turned to face Jordan, raising her hands “as if to surrender,” and Jordan allegedly stabbed her multiple times. She then fell to the ground and played dead, and Jordan “left to find his dog,” the complaint states.

Once Jordan was gone, the victim ran down the trail and ran into two hikers, who assisted her for the next six miles into Smyth County, Virginia, where they called 911, according to the court documents.

Obviously this nudnik has scrambled eggs for brains, and we’re told that he’s a schizo who was voluntarily off his meds. But by this looks of his wide open Facebook page his friends could see all of this and pretended he was normal.

If you see your friends post something like this:

And you feed into it instead of urging them to get help, then you’re part of the problem.

He’s been walking all around the country for months now looking for people to stab with his hippie friends.

And on April 17 he posted this ominous declaration.

He literally said that he was looking for people to join his cartel of “sovereign” citizens to who the law does not apply, so that they could terrorize people who they arbitrarily decided “deserved” it. Instead of telling him to cut the crap they fed into it. Now that he’s going to jail for life they’ll all move on and continue to contribute nothing to society because ultimately hippies are just selfish people who seek only to fulfill their immediate base desires.


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