Yarmouth Woman Allows New Boyfriend Around Young Children Despite 2016 Arrest For Rape Of A Child With Force


Greg Ballam is a resident of Dennis who was arrested and charged with raping a child with force in 2016.

He posts on Facebook incessantly, but the posts mysteriously stopped around August of 2016 for a couple years. However, he’s back on now and has a new girlfriend named Megan Standish from Yarmouth.

She appears to be a bootleg model, or something.

If you ask him where he’s been he’s got a long explanation about a car falling on him, a heart attack, cancer, losing his wildly successful business, becoming homeless, moving in with Grandma, getting a Honda Accord, and using that Honda Accord to get noticed by his new girlfriend who couldn’t resist the sex appeal of a kiddie diddler in a Honda.


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But no mention of the charge of child rape by force.

Megan obviously has great taste in men, since she’s decided to hitch her wagon to a guy who was arrested for raping a child less than four years ago. Probably because he can get her the finer things, like Jordans.

And he gives her the shaft.

And in return she takes him to the mall to play creepster dress up.

But at least she’s of age. She can’t say the same for her children, who she allows to be around him in uncomfortable looking photos, once you think about what he was arrested for.

And yes he does love to pose in the most chomo way possible.

Totally not rapey to dress like that at the beach.

She recently posted ironically about how she’d beat a woman’s ass if she found out they were dating her 17 year old son.

“Protect your boys.”

Yea, that’s a good idea. A great way to do that is by keeping them away from people who were ever arrested for child rape.

Greg has kids of his own, but from the looks of his posts he’s not allowed anywhere near them.

Greg’s resume is as impressive as any you’ll ever see, and included stops at the Olive Garden and Papa Gino’s before becoming CEO and owner of Lokimonster Ent.

What do they do exactly? Well, apparently he sells posters of hot chicks in bikinis on cars, that he almost definitely did not take himself and certainly does not own.

They also sell bootleg skull necklaces and pick up trash.

And his “crew” moves furniture too. And by “crew” I mean, young children whose parents allow their them around a man who was arrested for and charged with rape of a child.

Apparently they’re not aware of his past, which is why I’m putting this blog out there. Sucks when Turtleboy cares about the well being of your kids more than their own mother.


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