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YouTube Restores TB Videos After Discovering Kate Peter Filed Fraudulent Federal Court Complaint For Copyright


It’s been over a week since Bristol Blarney filed a fraudulent federal court complaint for copyright with YouTube against our channel, but forgot to change the docket number of the 2013 case she plagiarized. She and Joa “Grundlestiltskin” Orga conspired to report videos on the channel for copyright, knowing that 3 copyright strikes would force the channel to be shut down. I appealed both, and since Joa Orga isn’t crafty enough to file a fraudulent federal court complaint the video he had removed was put back up and the strike was gone. Kate was more difficult because she was crafty enough to do that and YouTube failed to look into it. It looked like she was going to get away with it until this happened:

I got all the videos restored and there are no longer any strikes on the channel. Good guys win.

But the problem that arose out of this was the channel was demonetized for “reused content.”

What this means is there will no longer be ads on our videos, and people can’t donate through the super chat function. I can reapply in 30 days to get monetization back. The loss of the ads is no biggie because it’s only like $20 a month, but the super chat donations have become an important part of keeping the business afloat. Sources tell me that Josh Abrams and Bristol Blarney were laughing it up, celebrating what they believed was the death of Turtleboy.

But they forgot that Turtleboy never throws in the towel. Ever since I created TB I’ve had one hurdle after another thrown in front of me and I’m still here. I am a survivor at heart, so I decided to share the PayPal Fundrazr campaign during shows instead, acknowledge donors in real time, and read the messages they wrote on air.

As it turns out this was actually a blessing in disguise because PayPal only takes 5%, whereas Google took 30% of all donations. This is how stupid tech companies like Google are. They’re losing out on free money to appease ratchet deadbeat Moms like Kate Peter.

Turtle riders always come through in the clutch. They realize that shots at Turtleboy are shots at them too. Our enemies want to take away the only media outlet that tells the truth and exposes corruption. They have once again failed to silence the Turtle, and we live to see another day. I talked about it on the Live show the other night, starting at the 18:00 mark.



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