Audio From West Roxbury Courthouse Shows Judge Catherine Ham Issuing Order Violating My First Amendment Rights By Preventing Me From Reporting On Plaintiff’s Criminal Conduct 


On August 4 a blog subject I had written about months ago walked into West Roxbury courthouse and filed for a harassment order against me. This blog subject was written about after several women accused him of getting them addicted to drugs that lead to the deaths of over half a dozen people. He himself has posted numerous videos threatening to kill me, which I ignore. On August 9 the hearing was held without notifying me and the order was granted against me by Judge Catherine Ham in my absence. I was not made aware that there was a hearing because notice of the hearing was sent to my parent’s house, which I didn’t know until I spoke with them on August 14. The order is in place until our next hearing on Monday, August 23 at 9 AM.

If I say who the plaintiff is then I will be arrested, since Judge Ham violated my First Amendment rights by not only granting the order at a hearing I was never made aware of, but by including in the order that I not mention or write about the plaintiff.

This is an outrageous miscarriage of justice, and something that should never happen in the United States – a judge issuing an unlawful prior restraint that violates the most fundamental civil liberties we have as Americans. I cannot provide any commentary on the plaintiff in this case because it would be a violation of the order, however the audio of the August 9 hearing is public record and you can listen to it hear:

What you just heard was an outrage. In that audio absolutely no evidence was provided to back up any of the nonsensical things the plaintiff was attempting to say. Instead of asking the plaintiff for evidence, or attempting to figure out what he was trying to say, she casually issued an order that violates my First Amendment rights and thought nothing of it. On the after David Judge Ham wrote:

“8/9/21, previously set up for 2 party hearing today, defendant (triangle symbol) posted over weekend, plaintiff (pie symbol) told defendant about court date, defendant ignored and did not call”


That is blatantly untrue. I never spoke with the plaintiff, and I was not made aware of the court date because it was not sent to my house. The judge did nothing to confirm what he alleged and issued the order without giving me a chance to defend myself. And yes, she did read an official document submitted to the court that included the phrase “bla bla bla” as evidence, and still took this plaintiff seriously.

For the record these were all lies:

  • I never said “ha ha” to him when told about the hearing date because I don’t speak to him ever. He provided no evidence that I did and the judge took his word for it, and assumed I was intentionally not showing up.
  • I never said I was going to kidnap his son. However, as a result of the blogs DCF did get involved and took the child away since it was a horrific and dangerous environment for a young boy.
  • I never took control of his social media pages. A competent judge would’ve heard that and realized she was dealing with an unstable individual.
  • I never hacked his accounts and sent messages to him, and he provided no evidence that I did.
  • I never had anyone assault him twice or put a knife to his neck. None of those things happened.
  • I never showed up at his apartment and videotaped him going into his house saying “I could get you at any time.” This is perjury, and it was used to have an order placed against me. The judge asked for no evidence of this and granted him the order within minutes.
  • I’ve never posted on him on anything called “Bret’s After Party” and have nothing to do with that YouTube channel that the plaintiff frequently participates on.
  • I don’t own an Instagram or Tik Tok account associated with this brand and never posted about him on those.
  • I have no idea what this sentence means, and the second the judge heard it she should’ve thrown out this order: “I’ve got assaulted twice, my phone taken because I had evidence on the first one, a knife put to my neck where they made fun of it and made me make a fake confession on”
  • I have no idea what this sentence means, and the second the judge heard it she should’ve thrown out this order: “My phone is synced so that when I call 911 it gets switched over to a computer and crimes lab which the West Roxbury Police Station tells me there’s no such thing, so what’s happened is he’s synced onto my phone”
  • I never worked with the YouTube channel Mass Accountability to defame him. I saw him on a video on that channel and wrote about it.

I will have much more to say on this matter about the plaintiff and Judge Ham after court on Monday. In the meantime I’ve retained Attorney Marc Randazza, who is helping me on a discount. Our first goal is to have this order thrown out, and then consider options up to and including suing Judge Ham in federal court. I’m risking arrest by writing about this right now but I would rather die than accept the fact that I live in a country where unelected tyrants like Catherine Ham can disregard the First Amendment with no consequences. I will not submit. If you’d like to support free speech please consider donating to my legal defense fund by clicking here.

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