Charlie Baker Tweets Out Statement Claiming Massachusetts Capitol Cop William Evans Died On January 6 Even Though He Was Killed By A Black Nationalist In April


Today is the one year anniversary of the imaginary insurrection at The Capitol, in which thousands of misguided morons (some of who were allowed to walk right in by Capitol Police) barged into taxpayer funded property, broke windows, took selfies at Nancy Pelosi’s desk, and walked around until they got bored and left. They were fueled by President Trump’s inability to take the L and move on, and they were so stupid that they actually believed that they were helping him remain President. But our democracy was never actually in any danger, nor were any members of Congress.

Nevertheless, the left and their media allis have been using January 6 for the last year to victimize themselves, deny due process rights to criminals, and pretend that Viking man was this close to becoming emperor. In order to do that they all have to pretend like they were nearly killed and permanently traumatized from the event.

Just a reminder that the only person killed on that day was an unarmed veteran named Ashli Babbitt, who was not given a chance to surrender. The same people complaining about trigger happy cops are treating her killer like a hero. Apparently Governor Charlie Baker missed this memo because he put out this abortion of a tweet today honoring a Capitol Police Officer who he claims died that day, in an attempt to virtue signal to liberals:

This is typical pandering from Charlie Baker, except there’s just one problem – Massachusetts native William Evans wasn’t killed during the January “insurrection.” No Capitol cops were. Evans was killed by a black nationalist named Noah Green on April 2 at the same location.

An anniversary so somber that Charlie Baker couldn’t even be bothered to find out who died and when. One black nationalist killed more cops in one day than thousands of imaginary white nationalist insurrectionists did.

That tweet has been up for 4 hours and Baker has been getting ratioed hard for it. Yet Twitter fact checkers and his staffers allow this blatant lie to remain up, which disrespects the memory of a murdered police officer. That’s ultimately all William Evans’ life was worth to Charlie Baker – a chance to get some likes and retweets from liberals as they pretend that cops actually died during the “insurrection.”


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