Congressman Eric Swalwell Makes Up Hoax About Non-Existent Man Who Threatened To Kill Him On IG After Being Radicalized By Tucker Carlson And Then Agreed To Get Coffee


California congressman Eric Swalwell is mainly famous for two things – farting on national television and having sex with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang.

He’s an easy person to laugh at for obvious reasons, and Tucker Carlson does so a lot. Since Tucker has the highest ratings in cable television history, Swalwell would love to silence him. That’s why he’s spent years accusing Tucker of trying to kill him and his family for reporting on the dumb things Swalwell says.

This tactic of “Person A criticized Person B, and then Person C heard that and tried to hurt Person B, therefore we must censor Person A” has been the game plan of leftists for several years now in order to get around the First Amendment and shut down free speech. The fact is that people like Tucker Carlson are not responsible for what their millions of viewers do after watching their show. If that were the case then Bernie Sanders would be in jail for inspiring the guy who shot up a Republican congressional softball practice. But luckily it’s not, because that would prevent anyone from sharing their opinions publicly.

Swalwell’s attempts at censorship have thus far failed, so yesterday he went on Twitter and shared an obvious hoax of a death threat that he orchestrated himself.

So fart boy claims that this random guy named Jeremy Marshall threatened to kill him after being radicalized to do so by Tucker Carlson. It’s almost as if the left’s entire reason for existing at this point is to censor their most effective critics in the media under the pretext that their speech puts people like Swalwell in danger. Luckily Swallwell heroically talked the man down.

Eric Swalwell has 1.1 million followers on Twitter, and his DMs are open. Try to send him a message and see if he gets back to you. He probably gets thousands of DMs every day, and he wants us to believe that he reads all of them because he doesn’t have a staffer that handles his social media. But these DMs are from Instagram anyway, so why was he asking Twitter for help? Oh right, he’s trying to use his influence to push the whole, “tech companies aren’t censoring conservatives enough” narrative.

Within five seconds out4bling, which is an account that had 3 followers and no longer exists, had gone from wanting to kill Swalwell to telling him what a swell guy he was.

And wouldn’t you know it? The guy asked him about why he slept with a Chinese spy and Swalwell couldn’t wait to debunk that story.


This guy is the most reasonable domestic terrorist in history.

Swallwell asked the guy who clearly is not real what his last name was and Jeremy was hesitant because Swalwell would post it and get him in trouble. Swalwell promised he wouldn’t.

And then he went and did just that. Luckily for Jeremy he’s not a real person to begin with so he won’t be in any trouble.

The conversation went on from there.

We found the man who threatened to kill Eric Swalwell:

This is basically the same thing Jussie Smollett tried to do, and had the same motivation. Jussie wanted to make it seem like Trump was radicalizing his followers to hurt leftists like him. Except no one ever did that so he had to orchestrate violence himself. Swalwell did the same except with Internet death threats and Tucker.

Oh, and it wasn’t just Tucker who radicalized Jeremy, it was also Joe Rogan.

What a coincidence that the two guys who radicalized him are two of the more outspoken vaccine skeptics that the left has been trying to silence for years. And both of them have higher ratings than anyone else in their industry. It drives people like Swalwell nuts that they can’t silence them, so this is how they try to do it – by making up stories about death threats in order to prove that they’re dangerous.

Then he asked people not to harass Jeremy while sharing his personal information with 1.1 million followers.

But again, Jeremy will be OK because he’s not a real person. But Fang Fang is.


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