Drug Dealing Felon Franklin Baxley Claims Racial Discrimination After Getting Kicked Out Of Baby Nursery In Hospital, Gets Hearing From MCAD After Crying Racism 


Three years ago we broke the story about an Attleboro man named Franklin Baxley who went viral after claiming to be the victim of racial discrimination when a woman named Grace Sandland called the police on him after his dog began humping hers at a dog park.

Franklin claimed to be the victim of racial discrimination and the media ran with the completely fake narrative that a white woman overreacted and called the police on a black man. But as it turned out he was the one harassing her. After that we discovered that Franklin Baxley was a domestic abusing drug dealer, a former attorney who lost his law license, and a deadbeat Dad whose own son had a restraining order out on him.

He sells heroin to prostitutes and once orchestrated and filmed one of his hookers violently beating another hooker because she owed him money. Three days after we exposed Franklin he was arrested for trafficking heroin in Chelsea.


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Franklin got out of jail a year ago and while he was inside he filed a discrimination complaint because that’s what people like him do. However, instead of treating him like the joke that he is a state investigator at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination ruled that there is probable cause that racial discrimination took place at the dog park.

A state investigator has found probable cause that a Black man was racially discriminated against during an incident at the city dog park in 2019. The finding comes after an investigation into a complaint to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination filed by Franklin Baxley of Pawtucket against the city and a volunteer working at the park. A conciliation conference is scheduled Jan. 4 in an effort to reach an amicable settlement in the matter. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute, the commission will schedule a public hearing and listen to testimony made under oath.

The city and the dog park volunteer deny discriminating against Baxley because of his race, according to commission documents. Baxley was involved in a dispute with an unidentified woman at the park on Feb. 20, 2019 over his dogs humping her dog, according to the documents. The woman, who is white, called police when he refused her request to leave the park. Baxley accused her of calling the police because he is Black but the woman denied that. A volunteer at the park, which is maintained by the city’s parks and forestry department, supported the woman after witnessing part of the dispute, Baxley said. Baxley left the park voluntarily after two police officers arrived and after one threatened to give him a ticket for leaving his car engine running while he was in the park, according to the documents.

Welcome to Massachusetts, where violent drug dealing pimp felons get to cry about black fragility because a woman didn’t feel like getting harassed and stalked by him in public. This bloated government agency run by Sunila Thomas George (appointed by Charlie Baker) can’t find actual instances of racial discrimination so they have to make stuff up to validate their existence, salaries, and pant suits.

It’s not clear what evidence Franklin provided, but I would certainly hope the town and the volunteer running the dog park don’t settle with this career criminal. 

Franklin also recently had a child with the junkie he had jumped before going to prison. He’s only allowed to visit the baby while being supervised by security, but when a security guard at Sturdy Hospital in Attleboro attempted to do so Franklin threatened to assault him and was kicked out of the building. Now he’s predictably playing the race card again.


Oh look, Franklin says he’s been discriminated against. Shocking. No rational person would take him seriously, but Franklin knows that if he yells racism loudly enough white liberals will be too afraid to stand up to him and tell him f*** off. What he failed to point out was that neither parent is allowed around the baby unsupervised because she got caught with drugs and he’s a violent felon.

Franklin seems to believe he’s already won something, simply because some idiot government investigator said there was probable cause. In reality all it does is set up a hearing date, and if the city and the volunteer refuse to settle then Franklin will have to prove that they only called the police on him because he is black. This will be hard to do since the only person he’s not going after is the woman who actually called the cops on him.

The City of Attleboro better not cave on this one. I know it’s cheaper to settle sometimes, but this shouldn’t be difficult or that expensive to litigate, and you can’t give into people like Franklin Baxley.



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