Duxbury Woman Has Husband Call Police After Marina Employees Refuse To Apologize For Being Rude To Her


This is Tasha Cahill from Duxbury.

Over the weekend she had a traumatic experience at the Bayside Marina when she was trying to get to Duxbury Bait and Tackle. Apparently a marina truck was blocking her access with no signs explaining their reasoning. Instead of using words and asking what was going on she honked her horn and was shocked to see that this sort of aggressive form of communication did not get them to make sure she was OK. Five minutes later when they returned she got their attention and they told her they weren’t going to be removing the truck, while allegedly using foul language and not explaining why! She was aghast when one of these employees told her to get off her ass and walk down the road instead of drive, so she called up the owner to complain.

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Instead of just going home like a normal person after shopping, she elected to go back to the marina and verify that the owner had given his employees a stern talking to about being rude to white women. She simply could not rest if she didn’t know if this private business owner was conducting his business in a manner in which she found suitable.

Rather than dismiss her, this 70 something year old apologized on their behalf, but it wasn’t enough for Tasha. She wanted an apology from the employees themselves, and for them to be flogged and banished from polite society. Naturally then she did what any rational person would do – went home and told her husband who called the Duxbury Police to defend her honor. But even that didn’t get her the apology that she demanded from the owner’s employees!

TL;DR – she called the cops because two grown men didn’t personally apologize to her for telling her to get off her ass and walk 100 feet to buy something.

The best part is how she started it off with yellow exclamation marks and “Duxbury Women Beware.” Because today it was her who had to call the police after not getting a sufficient personal apology, but tomorrow it could be any one of them. No woman in Duxbury is safe. Thank you for your service Tasha and her brave husband, who made no attempt to calm her down and instead fed into her hysteria by helping her alert law enforcement.

That man right there is a proud graduate of the Prince Harry School of Cuckery.

What she also forgot to mention was that the marina workers were blocking off the road because they were preparing for a potential hurricane. Nevertheless, she still felt that this did not give them the right to be rude to her.

Some pointed out how these sort of Duxbury problems pale in comparison to those facing more severe issues, but although women in Afghanistan get stoned to death for trying to learn about the planets, they’ve never been verbally accosted by men moving boats ahead of an upcoming storm.

As she pointed out, the nice family business wasn’t so nice after all.

And when people aren’t nice in Duxbury the police must be notified.

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It’s in the town charter.

Although most people on the post criticized her for tying up valuable police resources on her white woman nonsense, she did have the support of at least one local Becky.

Except she didn’t call them because she felt attacked or threatened, she admittedly went home and had her husband call the cops because a personal apology from the owner wasn’t enough for her. Nevertheless the grown woman who uses dog filters believes she needs compassion after this traumatic incident.

Becka had some choice words for several people who thought it was funny that a grown woman would call the police because she didn’t receive a sufficient apology.

You can only laugh at mega Karens if you live in Duxbury, or else you’re a slampig. Those are the rules.

Oh, and did I mention this woman is a teacher in Hanson?

She reportedly now works at Whitman-Hanson High School, teaching Spanish. Heavens forbid if a child ever talks back to her. The school resource officer will have to clear his afternoon schedule. When you grow up in Winchester, move to Duxbury, and work in Hanson, I guess it’s understandable that you believe not getting an apology is grounds for calling the police, since it’s likely the hardest thing you’ve ever had to deal with in your sheltered and privileged life.


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