Fitchburg Woman Posts Video Of Herself In Facebook Group Cutting Driver Off In Route 2 Traffic, Hurling Bottles At Car


This is Serenity Iovaine from Fitchburg.

She manages a Burger King and graduated from something called “The Goodrich Academy” in 2019.

Today she decided to go on the Discussing Fitchburg Now Facebook group and post a video of herself cutting someone off on Route 2 and throwing bottles at his car.

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Siri – show me what not to post on a community Facebook group if you want to stay out of jail and off of Turtleboy.

If you commit a crime during a road rage incident it’s always best not to film it. However, if you do film it, keep the video to yourself. Whatever you do, DO NOT post it on Discussing Fitchburg Now or you will almost definitely end up on Turtleboy within an hour of posting. That’s just science.

Apparently this Fitchburg Fallopian Funbox thought her post would be well received because she claimed without any evidence that the man she filmed herself cutting off and hurling projectiles at had thrown a soda bottle at her car, and that people would think HE was the bad guy. This guy sure looks dangerous.

But she doesn’t understand that the entire purpose of the DFN group is to laugh at ratchets like her, so she didn’t appreciate it when every person who responded pointed out that she not only filmed herself trying to drive a man off the road, she’s also a litterbug.

Maybe she shouldn’t have sped up, cut him off, and thrown trash at his car. Maybe. Either way, she “finished it” by throwing trash on the highway and creating a dangerous situation where innocent people could’ve been killed so she could live out some white trash road rage. Now if you old people who care about people filming themselves committing crimes would just shut up and die, that would be great.

Oh, and she doesn’t have her license either and apparently doesn’t know how Uber works.

So the next time you’re in Burger King and you see Serenity, make sure not to offend her unless you want her to throw a Rodeo Cheeseburger at your face and have her friend cut you off in traffic in order to prove a point.



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