Former MASC Salem School Committee Rep Pushing Forced Vaccinations And Masking Of Kids Says Jews Are Rapists And Christians Are Pedophiles


The Massachusetts Association of School Committees is a multi million dollar taxpayer funded lobbying nonprofit that almost every School Committee in this state is a member of. They claim to be non-partisan but are anything but that. Over the weekend we obtained emails between members from a public records request that we will be publishing today. I did show them all on last night’s Live Show, because YouTube subscribers always get content first. Click here to watch, and smash that subscribe button.

One of the most disturbing emails came from an 81 year old former Salem School Committee member named Brendan Walsh, after a member from Dighton-Rehoboth named Glenn Jefferson asked other members what their districts planned to do with parents who refused to abide by mask mandates in public schools. Mr. Walsh’s solution for these parents opposed to mask and eventually vaccine mandates on their children, was for parents to pull their kids out of school and send them to charter, private, or religious schools. His response was was filled with anti-semitic and anti-Christian bigotry.

“(c) Religion-based schools. In this area I think you’ll find folks who agree with “choice” rare; plus you might get to meet Father Feeler, Paster Pedo, or Rabbi Rapier.” Brendan Walsh

This is what they think of you if you’re religious. They assume Jews are all rapists, and catholics are all pedophiles. This is how every genocidal regime in the history of mankind has always begun – by normalizing bigotry. By presenting those they disagree with as a dangerous plague on society. People who cannot and should not be reasoned with because they put the very existence of our society at risk. The only solution is to segregate them from society, and eventually imprison and/or exterminate them.

Brendan Walsh is a bigot, but only one of the hundreds of MASC members who saw this grossly anti-semitic response condemned him. This is a man who believes that there is “no place for hate.”

Yet here he is, spewing hatred of Jews and Catholics.

It’s not the only time he’s done it either. On a Facebook post on his page 3 weeks ago a friend of his named Sheila Billings said that COVID vaccines should be required for children, despite the fact that zero children in Massachusetts have died from COVID. She compared it to not stopping at a red light, which is much more likely to result in the death of another person than a child not being vaccinated for COVID. In typical dehumanizing language that has often been the precursor for genocidal regimes, she called these parents selfish and a threat to the community. Brendan Walsh agreed with her, said that he believes that parents who don’t vaccinate their kids are guilty of “MEism,” and suggested that Christians were the primary problem.

He’s also an avowed socialist, shilling for big pharma.

Why is someone this old even on the School Committee?

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Brendan Walsh is an elderly man telling 5 year olds that they must wear a mask 7 hours a day so that he can feel safe. It is abhorrent child abuse, and the fact that his anti-semitism and anti-Christian bigotry is condoned by the MASC speaks volumes of what they this organization thinks of religious people in general. He should resign immediately and MASC should put out a public statement condemning his bigotry. Failure to do so means they condone it.

We will have the rest of these emails published shortly. Stay tuned.



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