Former UMass Marlborough Hospital ER Nurse Mocks Unvaccinated 45 Year Old Patient Who Died From COVID, Calls His Death Poetic Justice And Darwinism


Update: UMass Memorial Marlborough Hospital is claiming this nurse has not worked there since January. However, she claims this happened while she was employed at this hospital.


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This is Rachel Pinney, a Pepperell resident and registered ER nurse at UMass Memorial Marlborough Hospital.

Unlike you she is a very important person and could not stay home after the COVID outbreak, despite being unvaccinated for the first year of the pandemic.

And she brought vegan cookies for all to enjoy.

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Two days ago in a Pepperell Facebook group a woman spread ridiculous fear porn about the unvaccinated by sharing Hawaiian propaganda.

Rachel Pinney responded to this post by telling a story about how an unvaccinated 45 year old COVID patient in the ICU died under her watch. According to her the doctor whispered in the patient’s ear “I bet you wished you got your vaccine now.” Instead of admonishing this doctor for being a sadistic, cruel, and heartless monster, she gave him the ultimate compliment of calling him “SAVAGE,” referred to the tragedy as “Darwinism,” and said his “death will always be poetic justice” in her memory.

I’ve seen a lot of self important nurses say some horrible things during this pandemic, but I’ve never seen anything quite as evil as what Rachel Pinney just said.

First of all, I highly doubt that ever happened, since the level of cruelty from this doctor would make every Batman villain say “that’s a bit much.” However, the mere fact that she would make up a story like this just so she can laugh at the idea of mocking an unvaccinated person as they were dying, means that this woman has no business whatsoever working in healthcare. She is a danger, and if you are unvaccinated she will do whatever it takes to make sure you die miserably under her care.

Nursing is an honorable and respected profession. Those who work to save lives and comfort the sick every day deserve our admiration and esteem, just as we should police, teachers, firefighters, and anyone who serves the community. But part of this respect is being held to a high standard, and no healthcare worker should ever behave like this publicly. It’s a disgrace to nurses who go to work every day to save lives.

Feel free to express your thoughts about her on the UMass Memorial Marlborough Hospital Facebook page, which allows reviews. If you think this woman should not be employed as a nurse in any capacity, please feel free to also send them an email at: [email protected]

After that she told more obvious lies about how she watched a 2 month old baby, a 22 year old mother and father who just had a baby, a 53 year old runner with 7 kids, and a 16 year old boy with asthma all die from COVID, and claimed she had to break the news of the teen’s death to his mother.

None of those things ever happened. Not one. She just made it all up so she could belittle anyone who disagreed with her by calling them a piece of shit. She did this to elevate herself at someone else’s expense. In doing so she further eroded the public’s trust in the vaccine, because people like her who are pushing it are not the least bit credible and feel the need to degrade those who are hesitant. This is basically the COVID plan of the Biden administration, and it’s why people like me will never, under any circumstances, get vaccinated. Ever.

She also said she worked in a hospital in Texas, where she claimed she “bagged a body” every day, that the only people who died were unvaccinated, and the peasants who aren’t heroic healthcare workers like her should thank their lucky stars they never have to do what she’s done.

On top of all that she’s an aspiring artist and a supporter of the BLM riots who really wanted Worcester rapper Joyner Lucas to see her doodles of him.


She calls it “poetic justice” when an unvaccinated person who made a personal healthcare choice dies from COVID, but she believes it’s appropriate to riot for “justice” when a drug addict gets killed by a police officer after overdosing on fentanyl. She expressed her support for this movement by drawing a picture of a police car being torched, along with the hashtags Worcester, BLM, Emergency RN, say their names, George Floyd, and art.

This depiction of communist street violence and anarchy was displayed in the Worcester Art Museum.

But she has no shortage of pathetic white people who pretend that drawing a cop car getting torched is some sort of indication that she has artistic talent.





Both her mother Jeannie, and her bootleg Timothy McVeigh father Glen claimed her talent.




By becoming “friends” with an Indian person this allowed her as a white woman to appropriate foreign cultures in order to play dress up and virtue signal about how worldly she is.

You’re white, Becky. Stop.

According to Rachel she is a “travel nurse.”

And by that she means, “a privileged white woman whose parents have the financial resources to send her to exotic countries around the world where she can dress up like foreigners, make a mockery of other people’s cultures, and play white savior.”

“Look at me, I have friends in Burma. I’m really interesting and important!”

According to Rachel’s LinkedIn she also owns a real estate company, previously was a jail nurse, gave tours at her alma mater Bridgewater State, and eventually got her nursing degree from a college for single moms in Manchester that invests all their tuition money into commercials and let’s anyone in.






She’s way smarter and more qualified to talk about COVID than you, so just shut up and do what she tells you to or she’ll make up another story about dumb unvaccinated people she laughs at while they’re dying.


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