Gender Studies Major Anna Kochakian Destroys Memorial For Murdered Police Officer Ella French, Posting Video On Twitter Backfires


This is Anna Kochakian from Chicago.

She’s a card carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America who proudly subscribes to the philosophy that all cops are bastards. In other words, she is a lonely, single white woman in a small apartment with a degree in Gender Studies from DePaul who calls her friends comrades and doesn’t shave her pits.

Yesterday she walked into the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago, which had a memorial for Police Officer Ella French, who was recently killed by two black men during a traffic stop. Kochakian tried to kick the display over but failed. She then filmed herself ripping French’s picture off, throwing it in the trash, and then proudly posted the video on Twitter.

She got the attention she wanted but showed no remorse.

The video started making the rounds on social media and she quickly made her IG, Facebook, and Twitter accounts private.

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Don’t you hate it when you try to be edgy and get some Twitter applause but then you go way too far and the Internet rightfully destroys you for being horrible? Oops!

In February she released a statement on the “anti blackness” in her own organization.

She doesn’t see the irony of being whiter than a slice of Wonderbread in an unplugged toaster and taking a spot at DePaul that could’ve gone to a person of color. People like her are too self-centered to ever put the quit in equity.

She’s so white she refers to designer dresses as “Pinterest worthy.”

But she calls other white people racist, which proves that she’s one of the good ones.

White people like this are so out of touch with people of color that they truly believe that gestures like this (desecrating the memorial of a fallen hero) will impress black people everywhere, so that they’ll never be in danger of being called a racist. But the reality is that black people by and large don’t want the police defunded. It’s just white suburban people like her whose communities will be kept safe by the police, demanding that black people fend for themselves in gang infested neighborhoods.

She’s also politically active, and you’ll never guess which Presidential candidate she donated $10 to in 2020.

Bernie. It’s always Bernie. Never Mayor Pete, Dementia Joe, or Amy Klobuchar. Always Bernie. This is the kind of voter who makes up his base.

She apparently also ran for office and was endorsed by something called the Garden Collective, which was trying to grow its “BIPOC” membership by endorsing a slate of white people.

Anna graduated from DePaul in 2017, where she majored in the most stereotypical and predictable thing that people like her always major in – Gender and Women’s Studies. To show you how useless this sort of $200K degree is at DePaul here is another student doing peer review for a paper she did on how speakers don’t conform to their gender.

When you graduate from college after four years of writing about whatever that is, how are you better prepared for the job market? Oh right, you’re not. But yet people like her take on hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, expect to be handed a job, and then demand that their student loans be forgiven because they provide nothing of value to society. It’s why Bernie’s message, and communism in general, is so appealing to them.

Comrade Cooter Kisser says she works as the Remote Community Engagement & Recruitment department for an app called ClockedIn.

But according to them she no longer works there. Remember, cancel culture is a good thing when you’re weaponizing it against people who would cancel you in a heartbeat if given the opportunity to. We didn’t start this war, but we sure as hell will not unilaterally disarm. Ella French was a hero, murdered for no reason by two thugs. Unlike Anna Kochakian she actually contributed something to society and made the world a better place while she was alive, which is exactly why communists hate her.


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