Grandmother Defends Manchester Parents Whose 1 Year Old Child Overdosed After Swallowing Their Methadone


Last week two Manchester junkies loaned out their male spawn to an unidentified person who brought them to the Ikea store in Stoughton, where the child got sick, was airlifted to the hospital, and turned out to be having an overdose from methadone. The mother, Brianna Lavoie, was arrested but the father, Derrick Richard Lewis, is apparently still missing.

When you look at this guy right here:

And the first thing you think is, “I need that man to drop his baby chowder in me because he looks like he’d be a good caretaker for children, and then I’m gonna post pictures of us making out in our vermin infested drug den,” you have already failed step one as a parent.


According to a man who claims to be Brianna’s landlord and only speaks in sentagraphs, she also sold the stuff her son swallowed.

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Exactly nobody was surprised by this.

If “I’ve been clean for 5 days and my voice sounds like a truck full of Newports drowning in a pool of Hennessy” had a face.

You know things are going well when you get your maternity pictures taken in a graveyard.

Fun fact – I will accept pretty much anyone’s friend request on Clarence Woods Emerson if I have open spots, and as luck may have it the Manchester Menstrual Misser requested me a while back, which is why I have access to all these pictures. I also follow Manchester Information and the Manchester PD Facebook pages so I can get the real scoop in the comments. And look who came to her defense.

Ma dukes!

When I look at that picture I think of a lot of words, but “blessed” certainly isn’t one of them.

I’ll tell you who’s not blessed though – her kid that overdosed on Mommy’s methadone. And yes Grandma, she doesn’t deserve to have any of those kids. Ya know, because she keeps her drugs lying around when she’s high, which is 95% of the time, and the kids tend to get into it. You know that because you’ve probably raised those kids more than she has, and you’re well aware that your daughter is in fact a well known crackhead. Doesn’t matter how many Facebook filters you use, you’re not “blessed” if your Mom lets you get into her stash.

Her kids do need their Mom, but unfortunately their Mom just chose drugs and dick over them. There’s no shortage of really responsible couples out there who would love to adopt a child, just ask Kate Peter. If she really loved her kid she’d do what’s best for them and let them grow up calling someone else Mom.


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