Junkie Parents Fail To Report 7 Year Old Manchester Girl Missing For 2 Years, Blame Each Other, Dad Once Shot Man During Drug Deal


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On Friday the Manchester Police Department asked for the public’s health in finding a missing 7 year old named Harmony Montgomery who was last seen in 2019 in Manchester.


How does a kid go missing for two years and neither parent reports it? That seems to be the mystery that hasn’t been solved here. What we do know is that poor Harmony is likely in a lot of trouble because she had the misfortune of being conceived by two equally repulsive trash bags named Crystal Ecker (AKA Crystal Sorey) and Adam Montgomery.

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The hat. This poor girl had no chance the second he put that thing on his head.

Mom’s got that “disease” that makes you steal things.

And Dad’s the kind of guy who makes his newborn take pictures with the pit bull while pretending that he’s going to actively raise his child.

Crystal lives in Florida and is playing the worried and caring mother on social media.

She didn’t put in any effort to see her daughter, but she did make a couple Tik Toks, so that’s good.


#MyLittleGirl #HarmonyReneeMontgomery #BRINGHARMONYHOME #PleaseIfYouSawHerSaySomething #EveryDetailCounts #PleaseGodKeepHerSafe

♬ My Little Girl – Tim McGraw


#CompleteMyLook #MyColoredHair #oliviarodrigo #FordMaverick

♬ original sound – Hannah Marye 🔮


Meanwhile the thoughts and prayers mafia is asking her obvious questions like, “when is the last time you saw her,” which she’s not answering.

Fentanyl Fiona is blaming DCYF for failing her daughter.

Ya know who failed their daughter? You did.

The poor girl was fired out of your baby boomerang and needed you to survive. Somewhere along the way you got the idea that moving to Florida and abandoning your two kids in New England meant that you were still their mother.

“Starting a new clean life.”

Don’t you love how you can just leave your two kids behind and start a new clean life whenever you want? That’s how parenting works, I guess. Studies show that an effective way to make sure that your child isn’t lost in DCF custody is to make sure that they you’re not reliant upon DCF in the first place.

She also mentions another little boy named Jamison she gave birth to, who luckily was adopted out. But since moving to Florida she stopped using her Facebook page with Harmony and Jamison’s pictures on it and instead started a new page with a new baby.

When someone asked her where the other kids went they were met with hostility.

So who’s had this little girl then for the last 2 years, and how come she wasn’t reported missing? Well, Crystal claims in her Tik Tok that Adam Montgomery wouldn’t let her see Harmony for two years.

And somehow this guy appears to be the primary caretaker.

Except there’s just one problem….

Percocet Pauly D spent time in jail for shooting someone in the head during a drug deal gone wrong, right around the time this child was conceived.

A New Hampshire man charged with shooting a Haverhill man in the head after he came to the city to buy drugs will remain behind bars as his case proceeds in court. Adam “Ace” Montgomery, 24, of Manchester was ordered held without bail yesterday when a Haverhill District Court judge considered him too much of a danger to the public to released. Montgomery has been held at the Middleton House of Correction since his arraignment March 5 on charges of armed robbery and armed assault to murder in connection with the incident, which happened the night of Jan. 24 on Cedar Street in the Acre neighborhood. He was also charged with carrying a firearm without a license and discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a building. Judge Stephen Abany, who ordered Montgomery held yesterday at the request of Assistant District Attorney John DePaulo, scheduled a pretrial hearing for April 16.

According to the police report, Montgomery told investigators that he went to 8th Avenue and Cedar Street to buy heroin but he didn’t know the name of the person he was to buy it from. He said he was to meet the seller in the hallway of an apartment building, but when he arrived, there were four or five people there and they tried to rob him of the $280 he planned to spend on the heroin. Police said witnesses told them Montgomery had a gun and, as he and Jacobs struggled, it went off, wounding Jacobs. Montgomery told police that he was struck in the back of the head and somehow ended up outside, where he was punched and kicked, then shot.


According to family members they’ve been alerting DCF and authorities but Adam wouldn’t let them inside.

But personally, if that were my niece or nephew and I knew their caretaker was a junkie deadbeat, I probably wouldn’t throw my hands up in the air and say “oh well, I tried,” before moving on with my life.

A woman claiming to be Adam’s former neighbor said she never saw Harmony with him.

So basically both parents are saying, “I thought she was with you” for two years and no adult or government agency designed to protect children thought to look into it thoroughly.


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