Melrose BMC Abortion Nurse Helps Mom Looking To Get Unapproved COVID Vaccine For Underage Child


The COVID vaccine was only recently approve for kids age 5-12, and even though there’s no reason that any child should get it many still do because they’ve been brainwashed with fear porn from the media and left wing politicians. But kids under 5 can’t get it yet, which apparently has led to the creation of black markets in white communist towns like Melrose, where a woman named Brittany Carey recently posted in a Melrose Mom’s group looking for someone who could hook her underage kid up with the jab.

You must REALLY hate science if you think your 3 or 4 year old needs to be vaccinated to protect them from a mild variant that never kills kids. More importantly you’re also a horrible parent, looking to treat your child as a human guinea pig and put big pharma juice inside of them before it’s even approved for usage. This is child abuse. But a BMC nurse named Stephanie DeLory Adams told her to PM her, presumably because she could hook her up.

Obviously she can publicly say “come to BMC and I will vaccinate your underage child with something that hasn’t been approved for kids that age.” But she can say “sent you a PM” and privately arrange for this to happen using her connections in healthcare. How likely is this? A quick gander at Stephanie’s Facebook page tells you everything you need to know about her politics, and thus everything you need to know about her feelings on COVID, and thus everything you need to know about the likelihood of her willingness to bend the rules a little bit.

Stephanie is apparently an abortion nurse and calls her job “wonderful,” because she gets to help transgender men terminate their pregnancies.


The fact that she’s done thousands of abortions, and the first one that came to mind was the “transgender man,” pretty much tells you everything you need to know about her.

She also denounced Melania Trump’s visit to BMC and got Facebook applause for bravery from her Melrose echo chamber.

She will NOT be complicit with Trump because she wrote a Facebook post! Sure, she’ll still be at work and collect a paycheck. But for the record, orange man bad. This absolves her from her sins of working at a hospital that happened to host a First Lady whose husband she doesn’t agree with on politics.

So yea, I didn’t see their DM, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess based on her other takes, that this is the face of a nurse who isn’t afraid to bend the rules a little bit when it comes to helping underage children get inoculated with an experimental vaccine that hasn’t been approved by any sort of regulatory board.

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Just sayin.


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