Missing Boyfriend Suspected Of Murdering Black Woburn Woman Posted Her Missing Poster, Made Posts Supporting BLM, Working On Aspiring Rap Career


Forty year old Woburn resident Sherell Pringle was reported missing earlier this week after not being able to be reached by family and friends for three days. On Saturday night she was last seen at a Boston nightclub with her boyfriend, who claimed he dropped her off at her house at 3 AM. However, her son who lives there says she never came home. Yesterday her body was discovered in Saugus after her son tracked her phone to a sewer in Lynn.

A missing woman from Woburn was found dead in Saugus on Tuesday, and “foul play is suspected,” the district attorney says. Forty-year-old Sherell Pringle was last seen Saturday evening. The office of the Essex County District Attorney confirmed that Pringle’s body was found in a marsh along the Salem Turnpike, where there was a heavy police presence Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s been pure hell,” Pringle’s mother Pearl Garner said. “I’m a mother, that’s my child. I feel like my heart has been ripped out. I don’t know what’s going on. I feel like the police should be doing much, much more.”

Pringle was reported missing on Sunday by her son after she didn’t return home on Saturday night. Family and friends put the 40-year-old’s face on flyers all over.

“I’m just feeling empty inside I need my mom. I want her back. Immediately,” her son, 19-year-old Jahmani Larionne said.

Jahmani said he tracked his mom’s phone, finding it in Lynn. “We found the phone in a sewer,” he said.

Pringle was supposed to spend Saturday night with her boyfriend, the family said. So far, there have not been any arrests in the case.

“This is an active and fluid investigation,” a spokesperson for the Essex County DA said.

This is her boyfriend 44 year old Bruce Maiben, who was the last person to see her alive when he claims he dropped her off at her home on Friday night at 3 AM.


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He’s from the Bromley-Heath projects in Jamaica Plain, which he feels the need to point out in every picture he’s ever posted on social media as if it’s something to brag about.

And of course no 44 year old douchebag’s resume would be complete without finding out that they still aspire to be rappers and shoot videos with their homies in graveyards, where they put flat brimmed hats on the Virgin Mary.

He also glamorizes his Bromley upbringing, gang banging, and sporadic periods of incarceration in his rap videos for his group called M4H (Murder For Hire).


Despite not cooperating with police he posted Sherell’s missing person poster on Facebook just two days ago, and his Facebook page is wide open.

He frequently posts about missing women, and even shared a post warning women about rapey Lyft drivers.


He’s getting absolutely destroyed in the comments underneath her missing person post.


Yikes! Bruce better hope the police find him before the streets do. Even the white boys are vowing to kill 5 of his family members in order to avenge her honor. 

Take it easy there, Jay. Let’s just calm down and talk this over before we go on a killing spree.

Maiben has not been charged, nor have the police officially named him as a suspect, but the Facebook court of public opinion and common sense has spoken, and he’s guilty. If he didn’t kill her then why is he on the run? Why isn’t he helping police?


If he did kill her, which he almost certainly did, it would seem to suggest that he does not affirm the value of black lives, especially black women. Not surprisingly then he supports BLM, a communist organization that enriches grifters, only cares about black people when they are killed by white police officers, and believes the criminal justice system must be eliminated because it is systemically racist.

He shared a post smearing the heroic white police officer in Columbus, OH who saved the life of a young black woman who was about to be stabbed by 16 year old Ma’Khia Bryant.



He really cares about the lives of black women. That’s why at best he’s not helping the police find his girlfriend’s killer, and at worst he killed her himself.


He also fell for Monica Cannon-Grant’s most infamous hoax – the lie that Hopkinton teenager Mikayla Miller was lynched by white teenagers, when in fact she committed suicide.

He cares about black women though.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Bruce Maiben killed himself, because that’s the kind of cowardly thing domestic abusing murderers do when they’re facing the consequences of their actions. But he could also be on the run, I suppose, in which case it won’t take the police too long to find him.



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