Missing Harmony Montgomery’s Father Arrested For Abusing Daughter, Affidavit Is Horrifying, Birth Mother Pretends To Care And Vows To Sue DCF 


Adam Montgomery, the father of missing 7 year old Manchester girl Harmony Montgomery, was arrested today and charged with  felony second-degree assault, interference with custody and two misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a child.

Crystal Sorey (Ecker) had two children – Harmony and Jamison.

She is an addict so both kids were put in foster care. Eventually Jamison was adopted by a gay TV news personality named Blair Miller.

They wanted to adopt Harmony, but a judge allowed her drug addicted father Adam Montgomery to keep her instead. This disrupted the bond between the siblings:

Missing New Hampshire 7-year-old Harmony Montgomery was so close with her younger biological brother in foster care that she fed him with a bottle and slept with her arm around him. Now in a safe home, he sometimes calls out for her at night and looks for her on the playground, according to his adoptive parents. 

“Harmony was the only thing consistent in Jamison’s life, through unification with the mom, back into foster care, Harmony is all Jamison had,” Johnathon Miller told Fox News Digital Tuesday. When the Millers adopted Jamison, he only had one bag in his possession – and it held a Tickle Me Elmo toy that they later learned Harmony had given him because he had nothing else.

Now in a safe home, he sometimes calls out for her at night and looks for her on the playground, according to his adoptive parents. Once the Millers adopted Jamison, they said they heard him crying at night for his sister. The siblings’ closeness prompted the Millers to inquire about adopting Harmony themselves to reunite them – but by then, Massachusetts Department of Children and Families authorities told them she had already been returned to the custody of her biological father.

So the Millers instead sought to send Harmony gifts around the holidays and her birthday on behalf of her little brother – but were unable to get in touch. They contacted her biological mom, who is also Jamison’s mother, but her efforts to connect the Millers with Montgomery were unsuccessful.

“All she thought was that Adam was keeping Harmony away from her and from Jamison because he just didn’t want them to have a relationship together,” Johnathon Miller said. “She told us that she had sent an email to someone at the local government level, and that she was going to the courthouse and to the police…And then she was able to contact Adams family, and that’s when they expressed concern that Harmony could be in danger.”

“The stories we’ve been told by their foster parents is that Harmony looked after Jamison,” he said. “And the two had this bond, and Jamison is aware of that bond.”

The bond was so strong Johnathon said, that when Jamison saw his sister’s missing child poster on their computer screen, he mistook it for a FaceTime call and reached up to blow her a kiss. 

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This story breaks my heart because I see it every day in my house. A protective older sister is a gift that every young boy should have. The natural instinct to protect and care for them is a lifelong bond that can never be replaced. That little boy will never forget his sister, but he should be growing up with her. Instead some idiot judge thought it would be wise to let Harmony remain in the custody of a drug addicted man who shot someone in the face in 2014 during a heroin deal.

The affidavit filed in the Adam Montgomery case is very disturbing. He routinely beat and abused his daughter.

He made her clean the toilet with a tooth brush.

He’s married to a woman named Kayla Rivera, whose Facebook profile says she’s going through a divorce.

She claims she last saw Harmony in 2019 when Adam claimed he was driving her back to Crystal’s house in Lowell (before she moved to Florida to get clean and have a new baby).

Adam has not seen Kayla since November and was found sleeping with his new girlfriend from Maine in a vehicle in Manchester.

Kayla says she once saw Harmony with a black eye, but that Adam told her it came from another child.

Despite admitting to seeing the child before, Kay never asked any more questions when she suddenly disappeared in 2019, and Adam never spoke about her.

Somehow she’s not under arrest. I find that story hard to believe.

Adam lied to the cops and didn’t really seem to care when they told him that she might not be alive. He claims that Harmony is with her biological mother.

He’s really just sticking with the story that he dropped Harmony off with her mother, never asked to see her again, and hoping that exonerates him.

Harmony’s mother suddenly decided to contact the police in November of 2021, two years after she was last seen. She told police she hadn’t seen Harmony in 6 months, which would mean that she was still alive in early 2021.

This must be a mistake because later it says that she hadn’t seen Harmony since Easter of 2019, and she looked frightened.

Crystal claims that she tried to reach Adam and Kay but they blocked communication, so she tried driving by schools instead.

We live in the digital era. If you want to find someone and you have the resolve and willingness to, then you can find them. Crystal didn’t.

Why not just go to where they were living? I’m not buying this ridiculous narrative from the birth mother who suddenly decided she cares about her daughter. That child needed her and she chose drugs over her. Don’t feed me the “disease” crap either. The love a mother has for her children is more powerful than any narcotic. She chose not to be there, and then she moved to Florida while having no idea where her daughter was. A loving mother would’ve been screaming from the heavens after a week. Crystal might’ve given birth to this girl, but she is not her mother.

Nevertheless she’s gone full Joe Amoroso and is milking this story for sympathy. She changed her profile picture.

And then she threw a hashtag in her bio.

She cares now!

She’s pretending that she was relentlessly pursuing her daughter’s whereabouts, looking for answers.

She wrote an email to the Mayor of New Hampshire. Because that’s a thing that exists. But yet when she was living in Lowell and never saw the kid she didn’t make a big deal over it. Instead she moved to Florida and had another baby with this guy.

She claims that she’s going to “own DCYF” and give her kid(s) everything they deserve after this.

Yea, the only thing you’re gonna own is unpaid credit card bills. Mark my word – the GoFundMe is coming any day now.

Crystal Sorey had 2 kids, and they deserved the world. One of them got a nice family, the other is dead because her mother wasn’t there to protect her from her monster of a father. You don’t get a do-over, and you definitely don’t get to pretend you’re a loving mother now.

Meanwhile there are still people making excuses for her.

How many mothers “loose” their children due to addiction? Not many. That’s not a normal thing to happen in the course of motherhood. The fact that you seem to think it is says more about the company you keep than anything. You don’t have the freedom to go to Florida and “get yourself clean” by starting a new family. And when she gave up her rights she was no longer their mother.



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