Nashua Woman From Crackhead Brady Bunch Lineup Defends Her Honor Underneath Mugshot Arrest For Warrants


The Nashua Police Department arrested 9 people on warrants this week, and they put together one of the most colorful cast of characters you’ll ever see in a mughshot lineup.


It’s the crackhead Brady Bunch! And poor Alice looks like she got into Greg’s stash.

That is the hardest 37 these eyes have ever seen.

Not sure how they caught the two at the bottom with camo on, but it looks like the before and after you change your pronouns in the bio.

One of the Shady Bunch named Crystal Mahoney showed up in the comments to defend her honor, which is always a smart thing to do when you’re publicly shamed.

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It’s OK guys, she wasn’t breaking the law this time. She was breaking the law another time, and then she didn’t show up for court to face the charges. It’s all a big misunderstanding. Things are going much better now.

In fairness, it’s hard for Crystal Mahoney to keep track of all her warrants since she’s got so many Google trophies, including a September felony arrest in Nashua after she caused almost $5K worth of damage to an Acura.

She’ll be sure to get the charges dropped at her next court date, which she almost definitely will not show up to either. I don’t know what the cure for drug addiction is, but if nothing else is working then I think it’s fair to give public shaming a try.


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