North Attleboro Parent Who Tried To Get Baseball Coach Fired For Wiretapped Conversation Previously Applied For The Job, Used To Coach At King Philip, Works As Norfolk County CO


Yesterday we published a blog about a North Attleboro High School parent who ran to the Attleboro Sun Chronicle crying that his son was subjected to foul language by well respected State Championship winning coach Mike Hart. Reporter Tom Reilly granted the parent anonymity despite the fact that the coach’s character was being smeared.

However, we now know the identity of the parent and he deserves no anonymity. Meet Pat Weir.


He’s an elected official in town and a corrections officer for the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office. These are not the only reasons he wanted  anonymity though – he applied for the head coaching job in 2018 so that he could coach his son, who was an incoming freshman. Prior to that Weir was the head baseball coach at neighboring King Philip Regional High School before resigning in 2017.

He told the Sun Chronicle when he left that he wanted to be a “full time sideline dad.” (Why are they always named Aidan? Ughhh)

However, the primary reason that Weir is stepping aside is personal — the desire to watch his son, Aidan, an incoming freshman at North Attleboro High School, compete in various athletic arenas as a prospective member of the Rocketeer golf, basketball and baseball teams.

“Leaving KP is my personal choice; it’s time for me to focus on being a dad. So now, I’ll become a full-time sideline dad.”

And boy, has he ever. He is the face of entitled helicopter parents who think their kid is better than he really is and blames the coach for not getting more out of him. These parents always go above the coach’s head to the superintendent and principal, and instead of backing their coaches and telling the parent to get bent these gutless administrators often call the coach down for a meeting.

Our sources describe Mike Hart as a pillar of the community, and tells us that Pat Weir’s son turned toward the Canton crowd and bench and grabbed his crotch during the game, which led to Coach Hart admonishing the team for their behavior:

Mike Hart is a “pillar of the community” type person.  Any parent would beg for Mike to coach their kids.  Also worth noting – Mike demands respect, not just towards coaches, but respect towards opponents, parents and the game. The kid who sent him over the edge was Pat Weir’s son. He was batting around .100 and towards the end of the game turned to the Canton bench and crowd and grabbed his crotch. The team that season had a top rated pitcher in the country and some of the players got a little arrogant thinking they were the shit because the team was good. Mike Hart, like any great coach, will not allow that type of disrespect and doesn’t want kids to grow up thinking they’re great because of someone else’s work. The pitcher he referred to in the speech was Dennis Colleran. 

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Another source noted that Pat Weir’s son was not the one who taped the coach, but rather he was the one being admonished by name:

His son was the kid who grabbed his nuts and show boated in front of the other team and parents of the other team and acted like a complete asshole on the field that day. In the audio you can hear Mike call him out and then tell him to shut up when he starts trying to defend himself. The kid who recorded the video is NOT the son of the parent who went to the paper, it was another kid. The video was circling around the school and eventually got back to a group of the parents. This specific parent brought it to the attention of superintendent and AD In the spring in hopes they would act immediately and fire him. He even threatened to bring it to the newspaper if it wasn’t dealt with. This guy Is known around town for just being a complete and utter asshole. 

Coach Hart saw his team being carried by a MLB prospect pitcher, and a kid who couldn’t hit was celebrating and taunting their opponents for victories that he had little to do with. He admonished the entire team for their behavior, one of the brats illegally recorded him, a jealous father ran to the newspaper when he heard it, and this parent was granted anonymity.

How did Tom Reilly not think the fact that he was a coach who applied for the job was relevant to the story?

Here is the actual video:

Coach: “I am absolutely f***ing embarrassed. We got a lot of tough guys on the team when Dennis is on the mound. I don’t know if you guys realize but we got our ass kicked the other day versus an inferior pitcher.”

Coach: “We got 3 guys batting over 250. You guys thinking you did something? You think you freaking earned something? You think you deserve something? I’m so f***ing embarrassed the way we acted at the end of that game. Are you shitting me? We got guys talking shit to the other team who are batting under 200, struck out 3 times today, who make errors. That’s the way you’re gonna act? Are you f***ing kidding me?”

Then he called out Pat Weir’s kid specifically:

Coach: “Weir, you’re gonna grab your nuts at the opposing sideline at the parents and opposing team?”

Weir: “I didn’t do that to them.”

Coach: “They were over there, you did it towards them.”

Weir: “No i didn’t.”

Coach: “No, SHUT UP!! You absolutely embarrassed us.”

Coach: “That was so embarrassing. And we had a good win today, and you ruined it with that shit. We have 2 sophomores here and you act that way in front of them? You’re not playing on Wednesday.”

That right there is a GREAT coach. Kids need to hear raised voices sometimes when they’re out of control. If they go home to their parents to complain about it then it’s the parent’s job to tell them to respect and listen to their coaches. But too often parents like Pat Weir enable their mediocre peanut allergy kid’s horrible behavior by going to administration and demanding that a quality coach lose his job for holding his athletes to a higher standard of behavior. That’s why his son spoke back to the coach instead of apologizing – he knew Daddy would back him up.

Pat Weir wanted anonymity because as a former coach he knew how horrible parents like him can be. He’s jealous that a younger and better man got to coach his son instead of him. He likely believes his son would be a hit higher than .100 if he was coaching, and was hoping to get Hart fired so he could coach him for his senior season.

Pat Weir wanted anonymity because his behavior is embarrassing and shameful. The Attleboro Sun Chronicle granted him that, but we will not. People like him need to be exposed, and shameful behavior like this needs to end. We exposed out of control parents in Braintree and in Andover who did similar things, and we’ll keep doing it until the message is received.




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