Norwich Crackhead Mother Steals $216 Worth Of Groceries And Hair Dye For Her Manbunned Boyfriend, Commenters Make Excuses And Blame Police 


Norwich CT Police put out a post the other day looking for the public’s help in identifying a pink haired zanny goblin who walked out of Stop & Shop with over $200 worth of groceries.

It’s the first time in our lifetime that it’s been socially acceptable to walk around with your face covered, and criminals still wanna make it easy for people to identify them on Facebook. Meet Sarah Grabner from Norwich.

Mystery solved.

Sarah is a local crack donkey who steals for a living and hasn’t had a job since 2008. She has a collection of semen demons produced in conjunction with various baby daddies, including the med cab driver who used to pick her up for rehab and ended up with 18 years of child support as a result. One of the baby daddies is stationed in South Korea and lets her use his car while he’s gone, despite the fact that she has no license.

He found out she was using again and told her she was cut off. This was how she responded:

“How do you think she’s going to feel only seeing me one day a week?”

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Probably relieved, considering you can’t afford to buy her groceries and bring great shame to the family by ending up on Turtleboy.

This is Will Metzermacher, the latest manbunned deadbeat she’s chosen to allow inside her and near her children.

Jiffy Pube and Sarah have a lot in common, particularly their love for larceny.

She wasn’t just stealing food from the grocery store either, she was also stealing hair dye that Jiffy Pube recorded himself using on Facebook later that night.


Yet the comments section is filled with bleeding heart morons making excuses for this crackhead Oliver Twist.

Oh OK, so food is free now. People should be able to eat, and they are. There’s a million and one government programs that can help you out if you’re struggling. You literally have to try to starve in this country.

Tell me you’ve never met a ratchet without telling me you’ve never met a ratchet. If you thought for one second someone would do this to feed their starving child then you don’t know the first thing about how guttermuppets operate. She’s not doing this to feed her kids, she’s just a crackhead. It’s that simple.

Then there was the “we don’t know what she stole or why.”

She stole unhealthy food and hair dye. Her reason was she didn’t feel like paying for it because she spent her money on crack rock. I’m absolutely judging the f*** out of her because she’s a morally depraved vagrant and a horrible excuse for a mother.

Some blamed the police.

Here’s an idea – get a job and then you won’t have to rely on the government and friends to pay for your food. She robbed a store, which drives up food prices for everyone else. It’s their job to find out who she is and charge her.

Then there was this purple haired pork pinata.

Her name is Teresa Chapman, and she was all over the comments warning people not to snitch, whining about poverty, and complaining about all the times she’s been arrested for domestic violence.

“You have no right to voice an opinion if…..”

Actually I do. Sarah Grabner is a shitty mother, a thief, and a woman who sells her boyfriend’s adderall for crack money.

And in my opinion people who defend women like this and take pictures of themselves sticking tongues down other men’s throats and calling it love are doing so because they know what it’s like to relate to trashbag behavior.


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