Peabody ICU Nurse At Beth Israel Says She Lost Compassion And No Longer Cares For Unvaccinated COVID Patients


This is Vicki McKenna, a nurse at Beach Israel.

She is a media magnet, especially since COVID started. In late March 2020 WHDH did a story on her (that they’ve since taken her name out of) after her neighbors left heart shaped notes on her front door and cooked her dinner after a long day at the ICU.

It’s unclear how or why the media chose to focus on her when thousands of nurses across the state were doing the same thing, but she certainly didn’t mind the attention.

Vicki was also featured in a hospital publication months later.

Adds Vicki McKenna, RN, an ICU nurse: “People were scared and tired, but we answered the call.”

She was scared and tired but she kept going to work anyway, unlike other people who never get tired at work.

The primary job of nurses is to protect the safety of patients. But Vicki made a Facebook post yesterday, announcing that she no longer wants to do that for people who aren’t vaccinated.

So she doesn’t want to treat people who make poor healthcare decisions that put them at risk of dying, because it creates more work for her. I guess Beth Israel will no longer be treating any of the following in their ICU either:

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  • Fat people who get diabetes because they can’t stop eating poorly and don’t exercise
  • Smokers with long cancer
  • Alcoholics with liver failure
  • Drug addicts who overdose

Imagine if police officers refused to respond to calls for gang shootings because they chose to live that lifestyle? Imagine if firefighters refused to respond to calls for hoarders that start fires with cigarette butts? Imagine if paramedics refused Narcan for a junkie because they told them to stop doing heroin? All of these people probably get frustrated at work, but nurses are the only ones who feel comfortable going on social media and shaming the people they’re supposed to protect.

“I have always had all the compassion in the world for patients. I’ve always loved nursing and genuinely care for my patients, but lately I feel like I’m losing that.”

Stop right there, and immediately quit your job. The second a nurse publicly announces that they no longer genuinely care about their patients is the moment patients are no longer safe under their watch. This woman represents a deadly threat to every unvaccinated person who comes into the ICU. She looks down upon them and genuinely doesn’t care.

“When I hear about a sick COVID coming into the ICU my first question is are they vaxxed? That’s what we’re all asking.”

Oh good, there’s multiple nurses doing this without bragging about it on Facebook. If you get COVID and you’re unvaccinated, but you actually want to survive it, DO NOT go to Beth Israel. You will almost definitely die under their watch, and then the nurses will go home and mock you for it on social media.

The problem here is that they’re asking if patients are unvaccinated at all. Their job is to treat the sick, not victim blame patients for getting sick.

“I feel like why are we working so hard to take care of those that can’t even respect us or care enough about us to do something so simple…”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I have all the respect in the world for the job nurses do, especially during the pandemic. But some of these people let the hero worship go to their head. That’s why I didn’t go outside with the pots and pans like a trained puppy dog, cheering people on for doing the job they get paid to do. You’re working hard? Welcome to the club. Your stupid vaccine works, doesn’t it? If so, then what are you worried about unvaccinated people for? How are you being disrespected by them? I’m not raping myself with government pharma-juice because you feel disrespected, largely because I have no respect for you to begin with.

“to make vaccinating a religious or political issue just makes me question your intelligence.”

Stupid religious people! It has nothing to do with politics! It just so happens that one political party is pushing forced vaccinations while the other one is advocating for freedom of choice. Nothing political at all about that!

The scary part is that Vicki McKenna is saying this out loud, but how many healthcare workers are thinking the same thing without posting about it? Hospitals should be required to sit down all of their employees and remind them that the unvaccinated must be get the same level of treatment as the vaccinated, and that any employee who has a problem with that is free to find a new line of work, just like the unvaccinated nurses they fired last month.


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