Pregnant Boston Police Officer Bravely Confronts Mayor Michelle Wu About Being Forced To Get COVID Vaccine Despite Prior Fertility Issues 


This is Gianna Mullane, a Boston Police Officer and the wife of a Boston Firefighter.

She is a mother of triplets, a cross fit enthusiast and marathon runner, and is 7 months pregnant.

In other words, she has a 0.00% chance of ever dying from COVID because she protects her health by taking care of her body instead of injecting experimental vaccines into it.

As it turns out Gianna is also a turtle rider, and rarely do I get the chance to write blogs where I call our readers civil rights icons, but that’s exactly what Gianna is. Last night she was on Tucker Carlson  (minus the Tucker, which totally isn’t the same) after a video of her went viral confronting Mayor Michelle Wu about her new vaccine mandate for all city workers.

Gianna will have to get the shot when she’s 8 months pregnant, has previously lost a child to miscarriage, and has undergone fertility treatments. She specifically asked Mayor Wu if the city would take full responsibility if any officer forced to take the vaccine suffered from complications as a result. Wu of course did not give her an answer and deflected with politician speak.

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It takes a lot of balls to do what she did. Michelle Wu is the boss of her boss, and can make life very difficult for her. But she spoke up anyway because you can’t stay silent in the face of tyranny.

“You all are on the front lines keeping us safe.”

I really can’t stand when the communists pretend like they any sort of respect at all for cops. This is a woman who used the death of a man in Minnesota as a reason to defund the police in Boston.

When the police across the nation were under attack like never before due to the actions of Derek Chauvin, Michelle Wu turned her back on them. She fed into the anti-police rhetoric instead of using her platform to say, “The BPD is not Derek Chauvin.” She used it as an opportunity to take things away from them that make it easier for them to do their jobs and protect society from rampant criminality. This is who she really is, and she doesn’t care in the least about officers “keeping us safe.”

Another cop asked her if she was willing to wait until after the SCOTUS decision on vaccine mandates is decided in order to implement the mandate in Boston?


If SCOTUS decides this is unconstitutional in three months it will be too late. She’s doing this because we’re in an “emergency,” even though 90% of the state is vaccinated and the virus spreads at will anyway. It does nothing to protect you, nothing to keep us safer, and we don’t know the effect it has on pregnant women. It will lead to staffing shortages before new, inexperienced police officers, whose sole credentials are the ability to follow orders without thinking for themselves.

These people are monsters.

Mayor Wu also told the police officers she despises that “we should all be proud to be from Boston,” and that she can’t answer questions about staffing shortages because “I’m not in the business of answering hypotheticals.”


  1. Gianna Mullane and most of the officers in that video are from Boston. Michelle Wu isn’t. She came here to take classes from Elizabeth Warren and was molded in a progressive laboratory to run for office by the most powerful in the state.
  2. It’s not hard to figure out that less first responders is going to lead to longer response times and create actual danger in the city.
  3. The entire reaction to COVID from day one (lockdowns, mandates) has always revolved around hypotheticals. We should down a $20 trillion economy because they thought that failing to do so would lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands. It happened anyway.

But Michelle Wu doesn’t care about any of that. She just wants to be able to point to a chart and say, “I got a higher percentage of people in Boston vaccinated by forcing it on them than Lori Lightfoot and Bill de Blasio did.” That’s all these people care about – creating positive data that they can use to run for their next office.

Meanwhile, where is the union? This is Boston Patrolmen’s Association President Larry Calderone.

Instead standing up for his members and fighting this, he’s basically begging the powers that be for mercy.

“Given the fact that 95% of our officers are in compliance with the Mayor’s mandate and fully understand the need to safeguard our city vs. the pandemic, we would certainly hope her appetite for punitive measures, like putting people on unpaid leave, would be diminished in light of the tremendous progress being made,” Calderone said in a statement Saturday.

This is a different dynamic than some large public-safety unions have had; cop unions in New York and Chicago have been more adversarial to different types of mandates, and closer to home the largest Massachusetts State Police union continues to battle Gov. Charlie Baker’s requirements.

He “hopes” Michelle Wu lose her appetite for punitive measures. Solid game plan. Spoiler alert – she won’t. Other police unions understand that, but he apparently is willing to concede this one and sacrifice at least 100 of his members in the hopes to get something from Michelle Wu in the future.

The language he uses is the real problem. Calderone should not be framing the vaccine as a way to “safeguard our city.” Clearly it’s doing nothing to stop the spread of COVID in Boston. He should be pointing this out instead of giving into hysterical COVID talking points as a baseline for negotiations.

These officers in Boston who refuse to get the jab will hopefully be welcomed at new departments in towns that aren’t run by communists. But if you think things are bad under Charlie Baker, just wait until Governor Maura Healey takes over. There will be no place to hide then.


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