Princeton School Committee Member Says Presence Of Soccer Moms At Meeting Is Scaring Her From Voting To Mask Children, Demands To Be Called Doctor 


Here’s my speech from the Wachusett School Committee meeting last night, boom-roasting them on the issue of forced masking of children in school. It was previously removed by YouTube, but then put back up after we appealed it.


When we got there this week they actually tried to stop us from speaking, arguing that one person could make the argument for the whole group to avoid repetition. There were 6 total people who signed up to speak and they were worried about time, so naturally they spent 20 minutes debating whether or not to let us talk. But the bottom line is we weren’t going to allow them to be silenced so they acquiesced. Never forget that elected officials work for you, and there is nothing more American than speaking your mind on a matter of public concern at a government sanctioned meeting.

They also were very upset that I took pictures of members without masks on walking into the meeting last week and posted them on social media and this blog. So they attempted to ban us from recording them, which I refused to abide by because that’s illegal. Don’t ever let some townie on a power trip tell you that you don’t have rights.

The highlight of the night came from a new member from Princeton named Dana Lorway, who decided that she felt unsafe around a room full of soccer Moms with signs, and asked the Chair what to do because she was afraid to vote her conscience.

And yes, that was me at the end saying “don’t run for office, you’re an elected official.”

“I would like to ask School Committee members to think about whether or not we can have a vote without umm, jeopardizing the right of each member to vote with their conscience rather than to vote out of concern as to whether they will be treated with respect.”

“I wish to, I would say that all School Committee members have a right to vote according to their conscience, but there is an atmosphere here where people may feel that they will not be treated with respect and they could be subject to harassment.”

His face said it all.


This simple minded tyrant is in charge of the educational opportunities of other people’s children. She is clearly unhealthy, does not take care of herself physically, can barely breathe as it is, and is choosing to smother herself with a face diaper despite being vaccinated. She attended a meeting in July with no mask on, and last week she showed up without a mask on, but put one on when she sat down.

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This is exactly the type of “othering” I was talking about in my speech. She’s saying that she’s afraid to vote on whether or not to ban masks because of the “atmosphere” created by an audience of mostly women and children. People who are exercising their rights as Americans to gather, speak, and petition their government. And this elected official is treating us like we’re some sort of violent criminals.

Newsflash – if you’re not strong enough in your convictions to publicly vote the way you feel, then you have no business serving in public office. That’s literally the job. If you can’t take criticism then resign. We are under no obligation to treat you with any sort of respect if you treat us with none. You’re trying to abuse our children, and I have no respect for you for that. Stop recategorizing legitimate criticism as “harassment,” and using it as an excuse to silence other people’s free speech rights.

This woman also said that she was a scientist, so she has no interest in anecdotes or emotional appeals from parents, and only wants to hear about data. A concerned parent sent her this data from the HHS alerting her that only 7.04% of ICU beds in MA are currently occupied by COVID patients. Here’s the response the parent got.

Is there anything worse than a person who demands to be called “doctor?” You’re a school psychologist and “educational consultant tutor.”

I’m not calling you doctor. You’re a political hack with no school aged children attempting to hurt my children.

You’re right, I have no respect for you.

“I love our kids.”

That’s extremely creepy. You’re also trying to abuse them.

Her response proves our point that the only thing these people have is fearmongering, not data.

“All of those children, dead from this pandemic.”

Yes, it’s sad 349 kids died with COVID in their systems (not necessarily from COVID). But there are close to 100 million children in this country, and 349 out of that many is not statistically significant. Many more kids die from pneumonia on an annual basis, but we don’t close schools or force masking to prevent that from happening. Many more than that die in car accidents but we don’t ban cars.

The parent responded back to Dana Lorway alerting HER that she was also sexist for not calling her doctor.

These people demand our respect while treating us with none and abusing our children. You owe them nothing but your contempt.


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