Rhode Island Man Who Killed Teen Girl After Posting Plans To Drive Drunk And Crash Has Long Criminal History Including Child Molestation And Sexual Assault


This is Aramis Segura of Charlestown, RI.

He’s a career criminal who should’ve been in jail, but instead was allowed to remain free thanks to judges who never held him accountable. Now a 17 year old girl is dead because of their failure and his.

Fall River Reporter: Police have arrested a man who they believe is responsible for the fatal crash that killed 17-year-old Olivia Passaretti. According to Rhode Island State Police, On January 1, 2022, at approximately 1:00 a.m., Rhode Island State Police responded to a two-car crash on Route 95 South in Warwick. An investigation would reveal that a Mercedes was traveling at a high rate of speed struck a Nissan and forced off the highway where it traveled down an embankment, struck a tree and rolled over. The operator of the Nissan, a 17-year-old juvenile, was pronounced deceased on scene by Warwick Rescue personnel.

The operator of the Mercedes fled the scene on foot but Troopers investigating the crash identified the operator of the Mercedes as 30-year-old Aramis Segura, of Charlestown, RI. Segura was located at his residence and transported to State Police Headquarters where he was processed and arraigned in front of a justice of the peace on the charges of Leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death, Driving to endanger – resulting in death, Obstruction of Justice and Operating on a suspended license. Bail was set at $10,000 with surety.

Segura was also presented as a Superior Court probation violator on a previous charge of Breaking and Entering and was transported to the Adult Correctional Institution, where he is being held. Segura posted on social media just a few hours before the crash that he planned on drinking and crashing his car.

“Really caring less and less today really hitting hard f*** it we came I To this earth alone we die alone so why do I care. No ima drink and see what happens I’m a f*** yo I have a benz let’s see if I can f*** it up.”

Sister gives touching tribute to 17-year-old killed in fatal crash on Route 95

“Our condolences go out to the loved ones of the victim for their loss,” said Colonel James M. Manni, Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police and Director of the Department of Public Safety. “The investigating Troopers worked very hard to quickly apprehend the suspect and we are working with the Attorney General’s office to ensure that justice is served.”

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Aramis Segura never should’ve had the opportunity to murder this innocent young woman. In 2011 he got drunk and went into West Warwick High School where he stole a bunch of laptops. He then bragged to the media about it and claimed he was just trying to steal food when he accidentally stole $20K worth of computers.


In 2015 he broke into then Governor Gina Raimondo’s SUV parked outside of her house.

But his criminal record goes back further than that. In 2010 he was charged with driving without a license.



Then months later he was charged with first degree child molestation.


In 2011 he was charged with third degree sexual assault and B&E.


Then fraudulent use of a credit card.


Then burglary.



In 2013 he was charged in Cranston with felony shoplifting and conspiracy.


In 2014 he failed to register as a sex offender.


He was then charged with obstruction of the judicial system.


Later that year he was charged with obstructing a police officer.


In 2015 he was charged with receiving stolen goods, vandalism, larceny, and conspiracy.


In 2016 he was once again charged with receiving stolen goods, possession of a weapon, and obstructing a police officer.


Later that year he was charged with possession of stolen motor vehicle, burglary, conspiracy, and tampering with a motor vehicle.


In 2017 he was charged with unlawful breaking and entering of a dwelling house.


Earlier this year he was charged with driving without a license.



Judge after judge gave him suspended sentences despite convictions.


For most of his court dates he never appeared and had warrants issued.


He was in court a week ago for driving 70 mph in a school zone.


In 2019 he posted about how he was in the hospital due to a car accident.


He’s also been sued and ordered to pay restitution to New England Institute of Technology.


He is frequently in family court as well where he is ordered to pay overdue child support.


But yet on Facebook he virtue signals about what a good father he is to his special needs son.



His supporters are trying to pass this off as a suicide attempt, and giving a sob story about how he is depressed over the death of his brother Jose.


Except he could kill himself by driving off a bridge or into a tree. Instead he he made the conscious choice to feel bad for himself after drinking too much and kill an innocent 17 year old girl instead.


His brother Jose didn’t die recently either, it was 7 years ago.

Their mother Cecy Fuentes, who lives in Florida, posts creepy pictures of Jose’s ghost superimposed onto pictures of Aramis.


He appears to now be engaged to someone else though, who obviously has great taste.


Lots of people have lost loved ones and felt immense psychological pain and depression. Aramis Segura was a career criminal long before that though. Instead of seeking therapy he sought Hennessy and drugs.


Ironically this free loading deadbeat, who contributed nothing to society in 30 years, is a Trump supporter who rails on about how liberals are oppressing him with taxes he doesn’t pay.

But he should be grateful that he lives in a state run by liberals who believe that criminals like him should be given chance after change, despite proving they are incapable of obeying the law. Without Governors like Gina Raimondo the courts wouldn’t be run by people like Judge Edward C. Clifton, who gave Aramis a suspended sentence and probation for the third degree sexual assault charge in 2015.

He’s now on the faculty at Roger Williams where he double dips by collecting a taxpayer funded pension, and one of many who will never pay any consequences for their role in this killing. But he should, because a girl is dead due to his failure to hold criminals responsible for their crimes.



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