Triton Public Schools Employee Tells Georgetown Parents Opposed To Masking Kids To “STFU” About Child Depression, Tells Veteran Suffering From PTSD To Kill Himself


This is Kim Fair from Georgetown, MA.

As you can see, she doesn’t want anyone who voted for a political candidate she doesn’t like to friend request her, and she believes that YOU are the one who needs therapy.

According to the Triton Public Schools (Rowley, Salisbury, Newbury) and her LinkedIn she is employed there as a paraprofessional/instructional assistant.

She has some strong thoughts about parents in Georgetown who don’t want to unnecessarily force their children to smother themselves with face diapers in order to protect them from getting a virus that has not killed a single child in Massachusetts.

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Kim Fair is advocating for child abuse, and calling parents who want to prevent child abuse “dipshits, selfish morons, and assholes.” On top of the fact that this is completely inappropriate behavior from a woman entrusted with other people’s children, she’s also wrong when she says it’s safer for kids to wear masks than to breathe in COVID, since COVID has not killed a single child in this state, nor is the Delta variant more dangerous to them.

She nonchalantly accuses parents of “bitching about depression,” before telling them to “shut the f*** up and wear a f***ing mask,” which is totally an example of science. Everyone knows that a fully vaccinated person who already had COVID and wears a mask isn’t protected from COVID unless your child is also masked. Nothing ever gets through a mask. These are the smart people, not you. Just wear a f***ing mask and stop asking questions. The epidemic of child depression and suicide is some silly thing parents should ignore because vaccinated white women in the prime of their life are worried about getting a virus that presents no serious threat to them.

Shockingly this woman is hard to get along with and is no longer with her husband. It’s unknown if this hag has children of her own, but people like her wrongly assume that anyone who doesn’t want their child to be forced to smother themselves with a mask is a Trump supporter. However, the parent group I was in had many people who did not vote for Trump in it, they just want their children to be able to breathe freely while in school for 7 hours a day. Nevertheless this educator refers to parents like this as “vermin.”

That’s what this all comes down to for these people – they think forcing your kid to wear a mask is sticking it to Donald Trump. Now that he’s no longer President they have no new material to be outraged about so they’re taking it out on your kid and justifying their infatuation with child abuse.

This is her MO though. Last year she proudly stole a Trump flag and then tore it to shreds with a knife on a video she uploaded to Facebook in order to prove that she’s the mentally stable person in that scenario.

She also told a veteran with PTSD to kill himself while using a Facebook filter that said, “character, compassion, and decency.”

Kim Fair is a psychopath and a child abuser who has no business working with other people’s children. This Georgetown Jamwacker is a danger to them, and a horribly mean spirited person with obvious unresolved Daddy issues who dehumanizes law abiding citizens for the crime of disagreeing with her. Feel free to write an email to Superintendent Brian Forget and ask why he employs such a disgusting, vile piece of trash. [email protected]


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