Worcester Mom Leaves 4 Day Old Baby In Running Car With Stranger She Met Online Who Kidnaps Her, Boyfriend Makes Stolen Baby Profile Picture Before Hitting Up Wendy’s


Over the weekend in Worcester the police made a post about a crazy story that left a lot of people scratching their heads.

So let me get this straight. Woman A has a 4 day old baby and decides to get in a car driven by woman B, who she met online and decided just days after giving birth would be a good time to meet for the first time in person. They go to a gas station where she leaves her baby with this strange woman right here in a running car:

I could’ve told the “victim” just by looking at that face that she wasn’t going to see that kid for a hot minute. They also met on Facebook, where the kidnapper made absolutely no attempt to hide the fact that she’s nothing more than a hoodbooger passaround.

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As much as Mom is the victim, she’s also proven that she shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a child until she learns how to be a parent. Rule #1 of being a Mom – don’t leave your newborn baby in the car with a guttermuppet you met on Facebook.

Baby showers are nice and all, but maybe next time don’t treat your newborn baby like an expired bus pass.

This whole thing sounds like a ghetto Lifetime story with weak execution. Balls Deep Betty didn’t do the number one thing you’re supposed to do when kidnapping a newborn whose mother you scouted on Facebook for months and attempted to befriend – make sure it’s OK with the boyfriend.

It sounds like Daquan Jefferson took one look at that confiscated gestation creation, said “we ain’t keeping that baby,” and gave it to the first person they could find at Subway. Something tells me he wasn’t ready for fatherhood.

Then they went to the one place the cops would never think to look for them – Wendy’s at Lincoln Plaza. Because God knows there are no shitheads who congregate in that part of the city.

There’s a couple more twists though.

  1. It looks like Balls Deep Betty alright has one raw dog trophy of her own.


2. He took a picture of the stolen baby and made it his cover photo, two weeks after using another baby as his cover photo.

No clue who that baby belongs to, but I’m gonna guess he’s not on the birth certificate.


3. The mother who left her newborn baby in a running car with a stranger was posting some weirdly cryptic stuff days before.

That poor baby had a rougher start to life than a newborn Zebra in lion country, but if this is an indication of Mom’s parenting skills this won’t be the last time some ratchet borrows her for an hour before dumping her off with a random at Subway.


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