Worcester Mother Blames Police For Making Fiancee Look Bad After Arrest For Swinging Knife And Bat At Lifeguards Who Kicked Their Kids Out Of Pool


Three weeks ago a Plumley Village resident stabbed a lifeguard at Bell Pond in Worcester. This week two more lifeguards were attacked by a knife and bat wielding sociopath who was defending the honor of his disobedient spawn after they were kicked out of the pool at Lincoln Village towers. According to police Carlos Betancourt waved a knife at a 17 year old lifeguard and then swung a bat at a female 15 year old lifeguard for taking pictures of his license plate (which almost definitely was not registered to him anyway).

The Worcester Police have seen a decrease in numbers thanks to the defund the police movement. In the last year they’ve had over 40 retirements and not nearly that many new officers added to the force to replace them. This is a direct result. We don’t need to defund the police, we need to find out what the police need to keep the city safe and provide those resources to them. It’s the second largest city in New England and it’s filled with sociopaths like Carlos Betancourt.

I lifeguarded at these pools for many, many years, and we had to call the police on a daily basis because city pools are zoos, and zoos need a zookeeper. The City Council should be funding police details at every city owned property where lifeguards are working, because when they have to kick these people out they never go quietly. The guards are basically defenseless and have to hope that the police get there before some lunatic slices them open.

This is not Carlos Betancourt’s first run in with the law. His Google trophies are vast and numerous.

Here’s a crazy idea for judges – don’t keep releasing animals who have shown you time and time again that the only thing they’ll do with freedom is attack more people with weapons. He was arrested in May for punching his fiancee in the face and throwing her out of a car. This “fiancee,” Mary Jane Meatflaps, who completely failed as a mother since her out of control kids can’t go to the pool without getting kicked out,  has an active restraining order against him. She was outside the courthouse after his arrangement running her pole polisher about how innocent he is.

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“This is now looking way worse”

“We’re just trying to protect my son’s mental mestality (?) because he literally has social disabilities and other issues and stuff like that.”

“I swear on all my loving heart it’s not like that and now they’re trying to deface him more because of his past.”

Oh yea, it’s the cops who make you look like ignorant parents. Not the fact that you bring a violent career offender around your kids who swings baseball bats at 15 year old girls for enforcing pool rules. They’re trying to “deface” him by bringing up his long and documented history of violence, including the most recent violence against her, which somehow is not germane when discussing his arrest for trying to stab and beat two children at a pool in front of his own kids.

But it’s not his fault because they were just protecting her son’s “mestality” because his social disabilities “and stuff like that” allow him to break rules without consequence. And rather than speaking with the lifeguards about the issue he decided to run at a bunch of children with various weapons. These are the kind of parents who pay to get their kids’ names tattooed on their arm and then don’t pay a dime in child support.

This poor kid right here needs to be taken away from her permanently because everything I need to know about her can be discerned from her choice in men.

I promise that blonde haired blue eyed child is not my child, but there is no hope for him unless he leaves that home.

Anyway, Mary Jane Meatflaps asked to be anonymous, but I don’t feel like affording her that. She deserves to be named and shamed. Surely someone out there must know who she is. If you do please email [email protected] or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook. If she has a Facebook page then screenshot everything because that’s definitely coming down soon too.


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