14 Year Old Fall River Boy Dies From Starvation And Neglect After Teacher’s Union Refuses To Fully Open Schools


Fall River ReporterFall River Police, Massachusetts State Police Detectives assigned to the DA’s office and prosecutors are actively investigating the unattended death of a 14-year-old Fall River boy. According to Gregg Miliote of the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office, at around 7:45 a.m. Wednesday, Fall River Police received a 911 call regarding an unresponsive male at 107 Green Street. When first responders arrived on scene, they observed the girlfriend of the victim’s father performing CPR on 14-year-old David Almond. David Almond, who suffered from an intellectual disability, was rushed to Charlton Memorial Hospital, where he was later pronounced deceased.

During the course of the investigation into David Almond’s death yesterday, investigators found evidence of daily narcotics abuse by the adults inside the home, and also determined that the deceased’s twin brother, who is also intellectually disabled, was a victim of neglect. The twin brother and a third child who was also residing in the home are now in DCF custody. Last night, investigators took John Michael Almond, 33, and his girlfriend, Jaclyn Marie Coleman, 26, into custody. Both defendants will be arraigned today in Fall River District Court on charges of caretaker neglect of a disabled person and possession of a Class A drug.

Coleman is also being charged at this time with assault and battery on a police officer and the obstruction of justice portion of the state’s witness intimidation statute. She is accused of attempting to destroy a cell phone in the presence of police officers and then assaulting one of the officer’s who attempted to stop her from destroying the device. The caretaker neglect charges relate to the surviving brother and not the deceased.


I couldn’t find any pictures of John Michael Almond, but I’m sure he’s a gem, much like his guttermuppet of a girlfriend whose top priority as she watched his son die was to destroy evidence and assault police officers.

It’s not exactly a hot take to say that I’m disgusted by these people and hope they rot in hell for eternity. I think we can all agree that they are horrible. But the fact of the matter is that ratchets are gonna ratchet, and Fall River has no shortage of “parents” like this. And although this child’s death from starvation is primarily on them, it’s indisputable that David Almond would be alive right now if the Fall River Public Schools were opened like they should be. He died from starvation! He could’ve gotten a free lunch and breakfast at school every day. His teachers could’ve noticed if he was coming to school neglected, as they would’ve with his special needs brother. DCF could’ve been alerted, they could’ve been properly clothed, fed, and kept safe. Teachers are more than just educators. They are advocates and mandated reporters, and we count on them to keep children safe.

Unfortunately the Fall River Educator’s Association does not prioritize the needs of children because they are selfish and cowardly. This cowardice directly led to the death of this child, and blood is on their hands. They all deserve to be named and shamed for what they’ve done. The FREA has fought a full return to school every step of the way.

But the plan doesn’t meet with everyone’s approval. Rebecca Cusick, president of the Fall River Educator’s Association, the union representing teachers, said the FREA’s position is that a return to school should start remotely with a transition to the hybrid model once infection rates improve. In July, the FREA surveyed its members twice and both times the majority supported a hybrid plan as a phased-in reopening. Last week, though, said Cusick, a third survey showed what she described as a “clear shift in what the members feel is best” with 70 percent voting for a remote start to the school year with 30 percent supporting a hybrid model.

Their main concern, said Cusick, isn’t with the plan itself, but with the COVID-19 infection rates in Massachusetts and Bristol Country trending upward. “Even with safety precautions in place, our members are fearful of contracting the virus or infecting loved ones who may be vulnerable. They worry about the responsibility of protecting their students,” she said, citing stats showing 100,000 children have tested positive for the virus nationally in the last two weeks of July.

They’re doing what their “members feel is best.” The members are “fearful of contracting the virus.” The virus with a 99.9% recovery rate that poses no threat to children whatsoever frightens them so much that they’re willing to let their students die rather than risk contracting it themselves. And because of this ridiculous, unfounded, unscientific “fear” they are willing to let vulnerable children from horrible homes die under their watch. Rebecca Cusick is a killer teacher.

Meanwhile, six months ago she was shaming protesters for having the audacity to want to live their lives freely, operate their businesses, and not live in fear.

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She had nothing to say about black lives matter protesters who gathered in much larger numbers though.

These teachers have their own Facebook group dedicated to finding ways to keep kids out of the schools and in their negectful homes with their junkie parents so they can slowly die from starvation.

Michela Rose, a music teacher at Morton Middle School and a co-organizer of the group first wanted to make it clear that it’s about keeping everyone safe and healthy this fall. “As a teacher and a member of FREA, I want to say we really miss our students. We would love to be back at work as normal, but it is just not safe enough to do so,” she said. “I love my job, I love my students and I would give anything to be back there. But it is a simply a matter of health and safety. That is very black and white to me – there is no grey area. It is just not safe to go back – yet.”

It’s just not safe for her to go back. Wonder why.

I’d like to ask the 14 year old boy is he feels it’s safe to go back, but he’s dead because Michela doesn’t feel safe teaching him in person.

According to her the other group leader teachers are Chelsea Jean, Nicholas Quigley, and Lauren Meehan.

All of them have the blood of David Almond on their hands. They did this. They killed a child. And they simply don’t care.


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