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29 Year Old Man Arrested For Terrorizing People During Rush Hour In Chicopee With Bike Gang After Forgetting To Charge His Bike   


To read MVTB’s more colorful coverage of this topic, click here to read it on TB Daily News.

Last month the Chicopee Police Department warned citizens about some local hooligans terrorizing people on motorized bikes.

There has been an increase of nuisance dirt bike riders throughout Western Mass now that nice weather is coming. We had an incident here in Chicopee where a vehicle was damaged, and the parties inside were assaulted. This happened on March 30th, around 5:10pm. A female driver and her male passenger were headed down Chicopee St, towards 22, when these “bikers” began taunting them. These suspects were kicking at her vehicle while she was driving, and because they surrounded her car, she was unable to stop, or get away. At McKinstry and Meadow St, the vehicle came to a stop, and the suspects began punching at the male passenger through the open window. They also busted both mirrors off her car, and pulled the passenger out. The female driver went to assist the male passenger, and they kicked at her, and struck her several times. She was transported to the hospital for her injuries. These are still photos of some of the suspects. We are aware this is happening, and are keeping an extra eye out. PLEASE, if you see these “bikers” enter the city, CALL US.

When you see a story like this you’d like to think that it’s just a bunch of dumb kids doing dumb things. Sadly, when it’s in the Springcopee area, it often turns out to be a bunch of grown men, just like the winners from Dorchester last year.

And then right on cue today the Chicopee Police Department issued this press release:


If you’re 29 years old and your idea of fun is driving a battery powered scooter through the city streets, harassing people who work for a living, you probably should reassess your priorities. Especially when you have a child at home who needs you, like this individual does.

However, he forgot the number rule of bike club – “Thou shalt charge thy motorized bike before causing havoc in thine streets.” Because that will end a game of hoodrat hide and seek rather quickly, and chances are your friends won’t wait around to give you a lift back.

Perhaps instead of posting stuff like this on Facebook all day:

His time would be better spent seeking employment and caring for his son. If he wants to turn his life around he can start by burning this hat.

Like clockwork.



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