32 Year Old West Warwick Grandmother Vows Revenge On Teen Who Shot Her Son In Botched Gun Robbery, Blames Grieving Friends For Stealing Her Clout


In July a 15 year old West Warwick boy named Ger’Vontae Tilson was shot and killed in Providence, and he was commemorated in the normal ratchet fashion – t-shirts, empty bottles of Henny, and a candlelight vigil.

Because that’s ultimately what your life was worth to your family and friends when you die in this manner – a t-shirt that will eventually be found by the DEA crumpled up in the back of a drug dealer’s closet.

His 32 year old mother Marisol Tilson spoke about what a good kid he was.

“Ger’Vontae was a good kid. He didn’t deserve what he went through,” Marisol said. “I hate the fact that we are standing here and dealing with this, because 15-year-olds shouldn’t be gunned down in these streets.”

Tilson said her son loved his siblings, played basketball, and made music.

“He was a good heart, everybody who knew him loved him,” she said. “He was a contagious person – his laugh.”

Friends said Ger’Vontae was going into the tenth grade.

His mom said he also had a child on the way.

“I’ll never get to see him kiss his daughter,” Marisol said. “I’ll never get to see him hold his daughter. I’ll never get to see my son cross the stage.”

He was 15 years old with a child on the way, which makes her a 32 year old grandmother. Yea, so I pretty much know everything I need to know about this woman and why her son ended up dead at the age of 15. Spoiler alert – she completely failed him.  A lot of people wouldn’t say that, but I will. I’m not going to sit here and pretend like teenagers getting shot happens in a vacuum. Here’s how she reacted to the shooting:

That’s normal.

Every day after the shooting she posted something with her broken CAPS LOCK about how she was plotting to hurt mofos, and how her son was the realest.

She plans on attacking whoever shot her son in court.

A month later the shooter was arrested, and it turned out to be another kid who her son and his friends set up for a robbery. The shooter stole a gun from somewhere and was lured by Ger’vonte’s friends to meet up so they could steal the gun from him. It went badly, a fight broke out, and Ger’vonte ended up dead. The shooter is being charged with possession instead of murder because the police determined it was self defense. There are no innocent parties here, and all of them were failed by their parents.

But instead of waiting for facts to come out Mom posted about how “REAL N****S DON’T HIDE,” as she vowed revenge.

Gee, I wonder how her son ended up in this position. She seems like such a good role model.

Revenge wasn’t Grammy Gangsta’s only priority after the shooting, she was also working on dope t-shirts, tattoos, and making sure no one took a picture of the casket.

She’s glorifying the teenage girl who’s acting as the incubator for her first of many grandchildren to come.

“That’s Ger’vonte’s baby momma.”

She’s like, 15 year old.

Here’s another video Grammy Gangsta posted two days after he died from when her son was 13 years old, teasing him about losing his virginity alongside the mother of the girl he lost his virginity to.

“N****s is out here losing they virginity and shit. Ger’vonte, that’s what you do at 13. You don’t even know what the f*** you doing. What you doing, baby strokes? It’s even more funny because the Mom is my friend.”

Imagine what a guttermuppet you have to be to encourage your 13 year old son to have sex with his girlfriend, and then make a video teasing him about his performance with the girl’s mother.

Ger’vonte is dead because his mother taught him that the primary goal in life is to become the “realest n****a” in Providence. She could see all the things he was posting on Facebook about how his rivals “better get low” when they see him.

Imagine seeing your 15 year old son posting stuff like this and not taking away his Internet?

She’s extremely concerned with people from other states clout chasing off her dead son.

Because that’s what I’d be worried about if my child was killed.

A reporter from the Providence Journal was in her comments, basically telling her that he wanted to do a puff piece on “what made her son tick,” whatever that means.

And this is why no one trusts the mainstream media anymore. They don’t want to get to the root of the problem. Here’s the image they all used.

Here’s the actual image before they intentionally cropped it out.

Why would they intentionally take that part out? That image tells the real story, not the fairy tale the media likes to spin. This one tells it even more.


That poor child has no shot at life because this is the person he looks up to for guidance.

Grammy Gangsta regularly films herself driving around with her unrestrained toddlers in the back hitting each other and flipping the bird.

If the media wanted to do its job they would point out that both Mom and Dad (Gervonnie Page) had long and documented criminal histories, including arrests for assault.

Oh, and good news – she decided to reproduce again.

And when the kid is older she can have her grandchild babysit her latest raw dog trophy, which will keep the food stamps coming for another 18 years.

Finally, yesterday she posted another 30 minute video pretending to be a good mother, because she’s upset about the way that her son’s friends are grieving him. Apparently the 19 year old who along with Ger’vonte attempted to lure and rob another teenager for a stolen gun, is blaming himself on social media. She doesn’t like this because only she is allowed to grieve, and anyone else who’s struggling with his death is just clout chasing.

3:30 – “Kids are wearing my sons shoes, f***ing them up. They don’t know what it’s like to have nice shit. I spent $300 on them shoes and n****s was in the backyard getting them dirty and shit.”

Of course she spent $300 on her dead son’s shoes. Because that’s the kind of thing you prioritize when you have no idea how to be a parent. Your kid didn’t need $300 shoes. He needed love, guidance, and protection. Instead he got you.

5:30 – She talks about her son being set up, attempts on his life the previous day, and blames his friends for participating in the setup. She doesn’t blame herself for any of this, despite knowing exactly what her son was up to and not putting a stop to it.

15:00 – You’re taking my son’s death and making it about yourself

15:50 – “People are sending me posts about some kid crying and saying it’s not his fault. If he knows he held his n***a down then who cares what people are saying?”

18:30 – “Stop crying on Facebook that it’s not your fault. There’s other ways to express your feelings. But when it’s almost 4 months later and you’re still crying about someone saying it’s your fault, that’s f***ed up.”

21:45 – “If anyone should be playing victim it should be me.”

24:00 – “What gives you the right to benefit from my son’s death?”

Yea kids, how dare you steal her grief. She’s the star of this show.

The most tone deaf thing she said was at 22:45:

“I’m giving him all the tools to be successful. But to be successful you have to want it yourself, and he chose to go a different route.”

You didn’t give him any tools. You glamorized a lifestyle that would almost certainly end in death or incarceration. You committed a plethora of crimes yourself. You encouraged him to be sexually active. You knew he was doing all of this because he broadcasted it for the world to see on his Facebook page. And instead of grieving you’re vowing to get revenge on the kid your son tried robbing and tone policing his friends because the manner in which they’re grieving takes the spotlight off of you.

Most media outlets won’t say these things, but I will.


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