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6 Things To Know About Highland Park Shooter Robert Crimo: Politician Dad, Thirsty Mom, Violent Rap Videos


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Twenty-two year old Robert Crimo III is the mass shooter of the week after killing 6 people at a July 4th parade in Highland Park, IL. He was was arrested hours later 5 miles north of the northern Chicago suburb.

Some will say that we shouldn’t say the names of mass shooters because it gives them the attention they crave and encourages more violence. I agree with this sentiment, so long as the only solution on the table is more gun control. We will never get rid of guns in this country, and anyone proposing that as a way to prevent more shootings isn’t someone who’s actually looking to prevent more shootings. The Senate just passed a bill that raised the age to 21 to buy certain guns, which would do nothing to stop this shooting since the killer was 22 and didn’t have a criminal record.

I believe that a much larger problem than guns is the epidemic of disillusioned young men who are so morally bankrupt and mentally ill that they could kill innocent people they’ve never met before. For that reason I think it’s important to look at who these people are, figure out how they went from innocent children to monsters, and urge people to intervene when someone they love is showing the signs.

On that note, here are 6 things to know about Robert Crimo III.

1. He is a rapper who goes by the name Awake, has a Spotify account with millions of listens prior to the shooting, and an IMDb account. He recently made  video about depicting himself as a shooter in a classroom, with drawings of himself shooting people at point blank range:

“I need to just do it. It is my destiny. Everything has led up to this. Nothing can stop me, even myself. Is there such a thing as free will or has this been planned out…it’s what I was sent here to do. Like a sleepwalker…walking blindly into the night.”

One of his songs on Spotify is called Counter-Terrorist and mentions suicide and killing with automatic rifles. Somehow this, along with the fact that he fits the profile of every mass shooter since the beginning of mass shootings, didn’t alarm any of his followers on social media.





2. He is the middle child, seems to have had a healthy childhood, his sister is a dime, and he is obsessed with the number 47. A car outside his house is parked on the lawn with 47 written on it, which was previously featured in one of his videos. It’s unclear if this is code for July 4th.



3. People are calling him a Trump supporter, but he’s never posted anything political, it’s unclear if he even voted, and it seems like he just liked to go to Trump stuff because it gave him a reason to dress up weird and drink Red Bull.



4. His Dad Bob Crimo Jr. ran for Mayor in 2019 (and lost) and owns a deli. He ran a small business centered campaign. He doesn’t state what political party he belongs to, but his only tweet from 2020 was supportive of Donald Trump, and he liked a tweet supporting the Second Amendment. He appears to be a boomer on social media, as his last Facebook account expresses confusion about being hacked. He is being flooded with thousands of douchebags harassing him for what his grown son did, including one chud who says he’s going to harass all of Bob Jr’s Facebook friends.






5.  His Mom Denise Pesina is the thirstiest mass shooter’s milf in the history of mass shootings. She was seen on a news report yelling at someone while police were in her yard. Her oldest daughter Lynette is from a different baby daddy and appears to be following in her footsteps. She has over 4,000 Facebook friends, many of whom are thirsty men who give her the attention she clearly craves on her endless supply of selfies. But she hasn’t posted a single picture with Robert Crimo III since he was a little boy. Her Facebook page claims she is the owner of something called Angelic Coaching/Counseling with Modalities at Trilogy Energy Systems, says she’s a former aesthetician, studied holistic health and Shamantic studies/indigenous plant medicine in Peru, Brazil, and Shanghai University, is a certified makeup artist, certified Feng Shui consultant, master level angelic practitioner, massage therapist, and what is likely a whole bunch of other made up crap bored housewives come up with. She was arrested a few years ago at 3:30 AM for domestic battery, but appears to have turned her life around through the power of spiritual medicine, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and gaining empowerment by showing off her cleavage.



6. Robert Crimo III lived with his father and uncle in some sort of adjacent in-laws apartment. His uncle did an interview on Fox 32 News in which he appeared very shaken and sorrowful for what his nephew did. According to him he saw no signs of trouble with his nephew, never watched his YouTube videos, claims he doesn’t know where he got the gun from, and said that Crimo III hadn’t had a job since working at Panera Bread 2 years ago.


I have to admit that it’s very sad to see his baby pictures. As the father of a young boy sometimes I wish he could stay the age he is now forever, because there’s few things I fear more than a child losing their innocence. I don’t know what went wrong in Robert Cipro’s life that he went from this:

to this:

But I think it’s important that we all learn how this happened so we can spot the signs and get our kids the help they need. I don’t know if his parents didn’t give him enough attention, and even though Mom’s main priorities are getting likes and thirsty comments on social media I won’t assume that she failed as a parent. However, this is yet another young male who couldn’t have been more obvious that he was next in line to be a mass shooter, and not a single person did anything about it. All the gun control in the world won’t fix the problem if we miss the most obvious stuff.


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