Aaron Hernandez’ Baby Mama Wants To Dip Into Daughter’s Trust Fund After Blowing NFL Pension On Amazon And Nail Salons, Other Baby Daddy Charged With Trafficking Cocaine 


Aaron Hernandez’ baby mama was in the news this week for all the wrong reasons. It wasn’t quite as bad as getting rid of a murder weapon, but it’s still pretty ratchet. Turns out she’s been blowing all the free money she gets every month from her murdering sperm donor’s pension and wants to dip into a trust fund for her daughter.

According to court documents reviewed by Boston 25, Hernandez’s former fiancé, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez has received $832,040.83 to care for the couple’s now 10-year-old daughter, Avielle, since his death. As Avielle’s conservator, Jenkins-Hernandez receives checks from Hernandez’s NFL pension and social security amounting to about $150,000 a year.

In September, Shayanna-Jenkins requested $10,000 for Avielle’s dance lessons from a trust set up in the 10-year-old girl’s name. The independent third party trustee who oversees the fund denied the request, arguing that Jenkins-Hernandez should have enough money to cover the cost. In a court filing, the attorney for the trustee wrote that Jenkins-Hernandez has had, “$832,040.83 available to her since her appointment as conservator to pay for dance lessons.”

In court paperwork, Attorney Robert O’Regan pointed to Jenkins-Hernandez’s spending habits and questioned if her purchases benefited Avielle. In a 3-year period, from 2018 to 2021, she reported spending $10,505.17 in bank service charges — mostly bounced checks according to the document. She reported spending $27,878.54 on clothing, $23,734.99 in home goods, $18,406,04 in “unexplained” ATM withdrawals and there was a $3720.00 payment made to Bay Path University in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Avielle is not of college age.

Regan wrote, “large amounts of money are spent… with little clear identification of how these disbursements benefit Avielle.”

Boston 25 reached out to Jenkins-Hernandez for comment. Her lawyer sent a statement that reads, “the allegations made against my client are unfounded, and I have, and will continue to, respond to such allegations on behalf of my client through the legal process. My client is a devoted mother doing her best to provide a stable life for her children, which is why she created the Trust in question in the first place. The facts, when presented in full, will bear these truths out.”

Jenkins-Hernandez has asked a judge to order the trustee to pay the $10,000 for her daughter’s dance lessons and she wants a new trustee appointed to oversee the fund. Attorney O’Regan has asked that Jenkins-Hernandez be removed as Avielle’s conservator and that a special conservator installed. He’s requested a full accounting of Jenkins spending in 2022.

“My client has fiduciary duty to Avielle. It is more or less the same duty that Shayanna has as conservator. It is to see to it the resources her father left behind for Avielle are used to support Avielle,” he said.

This is why you can’t give ratchets money. They don’t know how to stop being ratchet. This is a woman who still glamorizes her serial killing chudstuffer on social media, who left her daughter without a father because he wanted to play gangsta in the offseason.

You would think that she would’ve learned her lesson, but a ratchet cannot change its stripes. So when the love of her life ended up being a gay man who committed suicide in prison she decided to find someone almost as objectionable as Hernandez was and bring another child into this world. Enter this hardo:

His name is Dino Guilmette, and he’s boxer who acts like a walking stereotype of greasy Providence Italians who can’t speak a lick of Italian but still pretend that they roots in the mother land. Naturally she looked at this human being:

And decided that it would be ideal for him to impregnate her. Perhaps she was turned on by the fact that he already had a felony conviction for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and had to file for bankruptcy twice.

To complete the douchebag look Dino Casino of course had to get involved in organized crime. In August he was charged with multiple felonies for orchestrating an elaborate cocaine distribution network through a port in Providence. The State Police were watching him for years thanks to tips from snitches. He was also scamming a COVID rent relief program on property he owned.

This is why Shayanna Jenkins is trash. She “falls in love” with maggots like this who have a 0.0% chance of avoiding prison because she wants to be seen smooching with the tough guy. She doesn’t care that her children will grow up without fathers because she can live off their money when they’re gone. As long as she can post cute mirror selfies on the Gram.

The court documents are pretty wild. Basically there’s a huge trust fund for her older daughter with over $1 million in assets. She can’t touch it because it’s not for her. But she recently asked to use $10K from it for her daughter’s dance lessons.


She posts the videos all the time on her IG, and honestly it seems not age appropriate to me.

There’s just no need for girls that young to be that provocative. Let them be kids.

The trustee knew she was getting six figures a year from the NFL, which should’ve been enough to pay for the lessons, so he wouldn’t let her dip into the fund. She tried suing him in probate court for it.

This was a very stupid thing to do because it gave the trustee a reason to look through her finances and see all the money she was wasting on bullshit, despite bringing in over $800K since Hernandez died.

Just in the year 2021 alone she received monthly deposits of over $10.5K, because she got knocked up by a NLF star. She also collected nearly $30K in social security.

But she spent every penny of it. Over $11K went to Ask My Accountant.

There were thousands of dollars in unexplained ATM withdrawals, and over $16K in car payments and car washes.

Somehow she spent over $5K in one year on bank service charges for writing bad checks and over drafting.

In just one year she spent over $17K on clothing.

Her entertainment bill was over $10K.

She spent over $6K on home repairs, and over $10K on Amazon purchases.

She spent almost $2K on pet salons.

And over $10K on restaurants.

Then there was the $6K in self care.

Oh, and somehow she has an annual cell phone bill over $4,418.

She could’ve spent that money on her daughter’s dance lessons, but she wanted to get her nails done and buy shit on Amazon instead. Ratchets have no concept of finances or fiscal responsibility and think they’re entitled to things that don’t belong to them.

Aaron Hernandez died April 19, 2017.

Within a day she had already hired morbidly obese scumbag attorney George Leontire to try to get ahold of all his money.

Here’s an idea of how to pay for dance lesson Shayanna – get a job. Does she even work? Or is her plan to live off the NFL pension and keep taking money from her daughter’s trust fund to pay to get her hair did? I think I know the answer to that already.


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