Abington Sugar Baby Mom’s House Raided By MSPCA, Children Taken, Dogs Found In Squalor Despite Glamorous Lifestyle On Social Media


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Meet Martha Butler, AKA Martha Semeyn from Abington.


From the looks of her Facebook and Instagram accounts you would think that she’s some sort of sexy, independent, girl boss single Mom.

She often posts pictures with her cute little dogs, because those are the only dogs that go hand in hand with with duck lips and fake tits. Crissy Cream Pie apparently doesn’t work, having retired from stripping over a decade ago, but she does have a sugar daddy named Alan Sklar who pays for everything.

However, he isn’t featured in any pictures, because doing so would basically be admitting to the world that you are a high rent call girl.

So she basically sits around and posts selfies, dog pictures, and dumb shit she saw on Pinterest that she find inspirational.

But what you see on social media is not always reality. Last week Mount Saint Melons had her house was raided by the MSPCA.

And this is what they found inside.

So basically the dogs live in filth and squalor except for the rare moments when she cane pose for selfies with them and pretend that they’re anything more than a collector’s item to her.

Luckily several animals were removed and they’ve begun to adopt out the cats:

According to sources we spoke with she’s had animals die due to the conditions, and Alan Sklar simply replaces them for her. He is listed as the owner of the property she lives in:


Martha was or is still married to a guy named Daniel Butler from Brockton. According to documents out of Plymouth Probate Court he has custody of her 3 boys.


She first filed for divorce from him in 2015, but then they dismissed the petition. They filed again in 2021. In the 2015 documents there is an affidavit from Daniel and his mother Deborah, alleging that:

  • One of her sons started grinding on a telephone pole to show off his pole dancing techniques
  • The same son asked his grandmother if she knew that a dildo looked like a cock and told her that he was gay
  • Another son told his grandmother that Alan’s grownup son Derek tickles his privates
  • Daniel’s after David alleges that Alan pays for extravagant vacations for his wife and their kids, and that Alan’s roll in the children’s life confuses them
  • One of the boys said that his wee-wee didn’t have hair on it like Derek’s did, and that Derek was teaching them inappropriate things to say

Derek appears to be a left wing activist who hates police and supports communist street rioters who call themselves “black lives matter.”


Derek’s awful judgmental of others, but his creepy Dad has basically bought and paid for a pet Barbie who throws him a lay once in a while. Alan doesn’t care that his slampig abuses her poor dogs by keeping them locked up in cages so that she can use them for clout on the Gram. Derek doesn’t care that her kids are completely damaged and confused because their retired stripper Mom brings them around his geriatric father who she’s banging because it sure beats getting a job. And meanwhile, according to the kids, creepy Derek may or may not be grooming them too.

Martha Butler is everything that is wrong with social media today. For her it’s an alternate universe where you’re winning if you get a bunch of people from your high school to like your posts where you pretend that you have a normal, envious life. It’s just a way for deadbeats like this to pretend like they’re not neglectful mothers. Let’s hope she’s not allowed near any dogs or children any time soon. You wanna live the sugar daddy lifestyle? Do it on your own time. Your kids didn’t sign up for that sort of psychological abuse.


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