Abington Woman Incites Mob After Alleging Weymouth Pizza Shop Refused To Serve Her And Black Fiancé 


Nicole Schick is a social worker from Abington, who constantly feels the need to legitimize her social justice street cred by pointing out to the world that her fiancé is black. Three weeks ago she took it upon herself to organize and MC a black lives matter in town.

Yesterday she decided to weaponize the fact that her boyfriend is black and turn it on Warren’s Pizza in Weymouth by making up a story about being denied service there because she’s in an interracial relationship.

Notice that nowhere in that one sided rant did she say that they were denied service because she was with a black guy. Yet the very first thing she felt the need to say was, “I am in an interracial relationship.”

Why? The review sounds like she just wasn’t happy with the service. Nowhere in there does she mention them being denied service because of their race. How was that relevant? Unless of course she was trying to infer and imply that the poor service was racially motivated.

Warren’s is infamous for supporting the police in a town where two years ago Sgt. Michael Chesna and 77 year old Vera Adams were murdered by an “unarmed” person of color. It’s such a coincidence how these racist hate crimes always seems to happen to the most vocal BLM organizer in town, and the businesses that get targeted often do something to display their support for police.

Warren’s has blue lives matter stuff hanging outside, and thus have become a target for the woke mob who saw the words, “interracial relationship” and “denied service” in the same post and went out to destroy their business.

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If you ever participate in a mob like this I will treat you the same way you treat the business – with utter contempt. You deserve nothing less. You are a horrible, soulless person who wants to destroy a small business that’s just suffered through months of lockdowns, so that you can feel good about yourself. I wish you nothing but the worst, and not enough bad things can happen to you. Let’s meet some of these people starting with these 3.

Meghan Barclay is a nurse who really cares about black people.

She just doesn’t want them in her neighborhood.

Someone asked her to reconsider her post, considering she wasn’t there and was hurting someone’s livelihood over an unconfirmed/made up anecdote. She refused.

Oh well, it could be worse. You could wake up every day and be this guy.

Pray for that guy.

Finn Odell Bradley is from Hingham and claims to be black.

Meet the blackest kid in Hingham.

Ma’am, your name is Finn. Black people would throw their children in a fire before naming them Finn, and I would 100% support them for doing so.

Christine Emmons is from Pembroke and claims that Warren’s is racist because they have back the blue flags, and claims they are a “rebirth of Jim Crow.” She had to use the “Autism speaks” filter because Facebook doesn’t make one for “Diabetes speaks.”

She is the “Foster Coordinator at Survivor Tails Animal Rescue.”

Her post just reminded me of that time I went to go adopt a dog from Survivor Tails Animal Rescue and was turned away due to my biracial children, so I left them a negative review.

Feel free to do the same by clicking here to show solidarity. Black crotch fruits matter!!

Dan Welch says it’s hostile and unwelcoming there. Not nearly as hostile as that haricut though.

Yes, please stay home. Preferably forever.

Paige Rumble is disgusted by what happened, and she really believes that black lives matter.

Except out of all the conservative people she could target on Facebook, she chose to go after the black woman.

Almost as if she’s a raging Nazi bigot on top of being a classist future trophy starter wife who looks down on people who can’t afford to have their Daddy pay for college like her.

She grew up in a white town and ended up going to the very expensive and very white Boston College, which prices out people of color and is known for producing the world’s highest concentration of basic Becky’s and guys named Chad who wear boat shoes all four seasons. She’d play the “I have a black friend” card, but she’d need a black friend for that.

Nevertheless, despite intentionally avoiding black people her entire existence Paige still feels that she can speak for them by making sure they are no longer oppressed by maple syrup.

She will go down in history as a revolutionary.

Brandon Butler left a bad review based on the lie too, which he freely admitted.

I heard a rumor that Brendan may or may not be dangerous around children. This picture certainly doesn’t help.

Someone said it though so it must be true. This very creepy looking man is allowed around children at his basketball camp.

He also has online reviews on his Facebook page, and even though I’ve never been there my friend Clarence did and he says that Brendan is really racist.

Clarence would never lie to me. Ever.

Genevieve Kelly likewise cannot understand why people would want the fake reviews removed.

When the profile picture matches the comment.

Anyone who’s ever used the word “your truth,” or “my truth,” should never be allowed to vote, drive, or reproduce. What this last call consolation prize doesn’t understand is that making up lies is not an opinion, nor are the fake reviews from non-customers. I’m sure she hangs out with a lot of people of color though.

Oh wait, no she doesn’t. She’s just another white woman who has avoided black people her entire life.

Anyway, the worst person in this story is Nicole Schick since she made the whole thing up. She played dumb by trying to say that she never asked people to leave all the fake reviews.

But she knew exactly what she was doing. She had a bad experience at a restaurant and blamed it on the fact that she had a black fiance. I wasn’t there, but I’m willing to bet anything there was more to this story and would be happy to speak directly to a Warren’s employee or owner. Nicole is addicted to attention and uses her black fiance as a prop so she can virtue signal on social media, and she doesn’t care who she has to hurt in the process.


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