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Abusive Stepmom Lorrayna Calle Held In Jail Until February 18, Won’t Be Home For Christmas


Lorrayna Calle was brought into Fitchburg District Court in handcuffs today to face a judge after she threatened to kill her 7 year old stepdaughter and the child’s mother repeatedly over the court of two years. Didn’t work out well for her.

Hey Lorrayna, I heard Christmas in Chicopee is fun. I’m sure your kids are looking forward to making the trek across the state to see you, instead of staying home and opening presents like normal kids. Sucks they don’t have a real Mom and got stuck with you instead. Hope Claudio knows how to decorate the Christmas Tree. Maybe if and when you get out next time you should try not threatening to kill people. Just thinking out loud over here.

Thank you to BAAK for showing up for Denise Ramos today. Thank you to Worcester and Fitchburg Police for responding to our blogs. Thank you to Judge Loconto for realizing the seriousness of this matter. And thank you to turtle riders for sharing the blogs and taking action.

We discussed this, along with Part 3 of the Landon Steele investigation, and the latest Rian Waters shenanigans on last night’s live show.

Don’t. Poke. The. Turtle.




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