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Activist Missing Half Beard Arrested Twice In 2 Days By Manchester And Boston Police For Whipping Jew While Wearing Dress, Threatening Cops Evicting Junkie Camp


This picture from the Manchester Police Department of a man named Joseph Castro Del Rio might be the greatest mugshot of all time.


Massachusetts Man Threatens 2 Manchester Officers

On November 20, 2020 at approximately 2pm, Manchester Police…

Posted by Manchester Information on Friday, November 20, 2020


Holy shit, it’s the Mexican rapper – 50 percent. Safe to say when he watches the Super Bowl his favorite part is the halftime show. Someone should tell this dude that the half and half is supposed to on his coffee, not his face. If this guy wanted the homeless to have a place to stay he could’ve just brought them to his halfway house.

I came for the comments, and they did not disappoint.

Anyway, Half Price Jose is apparently a full time activist who hasn’t crossed my radar yet, but a gander at his IG shows what a putrid piece of shit he is. He’s basically a Mexican Josh Abrams. A few weeks ago he was arrested by the Fall River Police during an anti-Trump protest and hit a cop with his megaphone.

Two days after his arrest in Manchvegas he was in Boston wearing a dress and carrying a whip, at which time he was arrested for literally whipping a Jew outside of the Statehouse.

This is what the tolerance crowd does now. They whip and stab Jews in public while telling you that you’re the bad person.

Here he is on the day he was arrested, berating cops by sticking megaphones in their faces for doing their jobs in evicting a junkie encampment outside of the courthouse where I defeated bootleg attorney Bobby Fojo a few months ago.

Notice that not once did he ever tell any of these “displaced” junkies that they could go back to his house with him in Watertown. That would require actual sacrifice and commitment, and no activist would ever wanna do that. They just like to virtue signal, yell, and feel good about themselves before going home and posting about it on social media.

A few months ago he was doing the same thing to the Boston Police, except worse.

“My taxes pay for the beds where you fuck your wives.”

The people who pay nothing in taxes always love to whine about how their tax dollars are going to the cops. Never fails. He calls them junkies, assassins, and slave catchers. He told them that the “only thing you care about is killing black people.” Then he realized there were some black cops there as well, who he then targeted, singled out, and called them sellouts while they ignored and laughed at him.

He was released from jail yesterday for the whipping of the Jews incident and was greeted by a group of Jew hating Nazi white people looking to feel good about themselves as he railed against institutional racism.


But at the end of the day all his “activism” is just half baked bullshit.


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