Acton Communist Faces Judge After Attacking Anti-COVID Vaccine Protesters, Getting Maced A Million Times


This is Fred Smith from Acton.

Fred is a raging communist who routinely dehumanizes half the country for not agreeing with him about politics. For instance, he believes that there is no such thing as a good republican, and that they are nothing more than a virus that needs to be eradicated.

So basically he talks like every genocidal maniac who has ever existed. At least he’s honest though. This is how communists actually think, he just said the silent part out loud. For what it’s worth I completely agree with him – we cannot continue to coexist together. I don’t want to live in the same country as him, and he doesn’t want to live in the same country as me. At some point we need to figure out a way to go our separate ways where no one has to die. Divorces don’t have to be messy.

While claiming to be a progressive Fred cheers on multi-billion dollar corporations who collude to silence free speech rights of otherwise powerless Americans.

But it’s OK, because everyone he doesn’t like is a Nazi. Literally everyone on Parler, including myself, was a Nazi. Luckily for him his favorite billionaire Jeff Bezos made sure we had nowhere to go once we were kicked off of Twitter for believing there are only 2 genders.

Fred wants to make sure that schools teach your kids the most divisive, historically inaccurate history possible in order to inflame racial tensions, while simultaneously claiming to be compassionate and tolerant.

Fred gave every indication possible that he would be violent towards those he disagreed with politically, and he finally acted on it in July. Yesterday he faced a judge in Concord District Court over an incident that took place at the Children’s Discovery Museum in Acton on July 8, in which he was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Fred apparently lives near the museum and heard anti-COVID vaccine protesters outside, protesting the fact that the museum was having a free vaccine giveaway for kids age 5-11. Anyone who got kids that young vaccinated is an idiot, but it’s their choice. The vast majority of intelligent people chose not to because anyone capable of reading or researching knew that COVID was never a threat to children that young. I think getting the vaccine for your kids is virtue signaling stupidity, but I also don’t believe it’s gonna kill your kid. Nor do I believe that communists who choose to get it should be harassed in front of their children while they’re doing so.

But that’s basically what happened on July 8. A small group of protesters outside the Discovery Museum showed up with megaphones and “stop the death shots” sign.

I think this is a waste of time and ridiculous. Ideologically I’m on the side of the protesters, even if I don’t agree with their tactics. I also think the people getting the shots for their kids are ridiculous, so I don’t really care if they’re uncomfortable.

But Fred Smith did care, and he decided to lumber over there in a t-shirt that was two sizes too small and attack the protesters.

Unfortunately for him one of them brought mace, which they had to use on him several times because he assaulted them, stole their pole, and began beating them with it in front of horrified children.

Let’s go to the play by play. The video starts with Fupa Fred Flintstone tossing Ulysses S. Chant into a trash can as he attempts to grab his megaphone.

He then stumbles around like a sedated grizzly bear and tried to grab the woman. That’s when Ulysses S. Chant busted out the mace.

But it takes more than a little mace to stop a rabid communist on the warpath, and Fupa Fred was undeterred.

He couldn’t see anything, but that didn’t stop him on his mission to silence political dissent in a public area. Soon he had his hand firmly grasped on her wrist, rendering her unable to escape.

That’s assault and battery.

Ulysses S. Chant figured that meant Fupa Fred wanted some more mace.

Who wore it better?

The protesters underestimated just how much people like Fupa Fred Flinstone hate them for not getting the jab though, and he carried on with his mission by grabbing their sign despite not being able to see more than a foot in front of him. Ulysses S. Chant tried to stop him, but all the King’s mace wouldn’t stop Captain Commie.

Just look at this man’s eyes.

It’s like a Russian soldier in his underwear laughing at German soldiers trying to kill him at Stalingrad. He doesn’t care about the pain at all. He’s genuinely enjoying the fact that he gets to silence people he disagrees with. Let’s see if some more mace will fix that.

That’s a negative. Maybe some pointing and a stern talking to will work.

I’ve seen jammed up meth heads on E who could feel pain more than Fupa Fred Flintstone.

You would think that after being maced a dozen times and assaulting multiple people on camera that Fupa Fred would take the L and go home. But again, you can’t underestimate how much these people hate those who won’t comply, so he decided to take their sign apart, grab one of the poles, and start Paul Bunyaning Ulysses S. Chant.

I’ve never seen resolve like this before.

Maybe some more mace will stop him?

Nope. Instead he just turned his ire on the other protesters and began marching over to them in a menacing manner, like John Kruk leaving the batter’s box and heading towards home plate.

Finally Ulysses S. Chant wrestled the pole away from him and began to prod him like cattle into a slaughterhouse.

Go on now! Get!

The best part is that Fupa Fred thought he was somehow the victim in all this and ended up calling the cops, who found him in his underpants pouring water on his eyes trying in vain to the 5 gallons of mace out of his pores.

Again, I don’t necessarily agree with the tactics of the protesters, but they had a right to be there. I do appreciate the fact that they triggered this kind of response from a horrible person like Fred Smith, because it showed the world who these people really are. Violent thugs who think they’re morally superior to everyone they disagree with, which gives them the right to use violence to eradicate them completely. People like Fupa Fred want you killed or imprisoned, so it’s best to carry an extra can of mace and a prodding pole with you when you encounter them in the wild.


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