Acton DPW Director Forces Employees To Complete White Privilege Worksheet To Determine If They Are Able To Fill In Potholes


Acton DPW head Corey York reportedly sent out a “Privilege Walk Worksheet” to all his employees as part of the Acton Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training, which forced them to calculate their privilege score.

Are you paying attention yet? This is the world you will live in if nobody stands up to critical race theory. People whose job it is to fill in potholes are being forced to examine exactly how much privilege they have, because somehow that will help them take care of the roads better. They would rather have unplowed streets than plow drivers who don’t adequately check their privilege.

For the record, Acton is one of the whitest towns in Massachusetts. The people who serve on this commission could’ve lived anywhere they want, but they chose Acton because they like to live around white people. But in order to avoid being called racist they’ve bought into this self-hating ideology that reduces a human being to their phenotype, while ignoring all other characteristics.

“If you see a group of people, with who you identify….”

What does that mean? I don’t identify with white people simply because they are fellow white people. Yet I’m being told that I have to despite having nothing in common with them or having a completely different background. If you are white then that’s the only thing that really matters about you, so shut up and check your privilege.

There’s so much wrong with this sheet too:

#6 – If you ever tired to change your appearance, mannerisms, or behavior to avoid being judged or ridiculed, or to gain more credibility.

Anyone who’s ever applied for a job or got dressed up to go to work had to do this. It’s literally what you do to survive when you’re a grownup.

#5 – If school and work is not in session during the major religious holidays you celebrate

Jewish kids get Christmas and Hanukkah off if they want it. The oppression is oppressive.

#7 – If you are taught the culture and history of your ancestors in schools

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The idea that black and brown people are not taught their history in schools is one of the great lies of critical race theory. When I taught that Europeans enslaved black people from Africa and brought them to America I was teaching both black and white history. Same with the civil rights movement. Black people were treated poorly here just as they were in many parts of the world due to racism being acceptable back then. How does dwelling on that help the DPW take care of the roads better?

#25 – If bandaids at mainstream storms are designed to match your skin tone

This is what real oppression looks like. Non-camouflaged band-aids. The struggle is real.

A lot of these are privileges that have nothing to do with race – growing up in a single parent home, being encouraged to go to college, not missing a meal, not being subjected to drugs and violence, etc. But at the end of the day, who cares if you grew up “marginalized?” Some of us grew up more privileged than others. Welcome to reality, where everyone is born with equal rights, but not everyone has equal access. The mere fact that people filling out this survey live in and around Acton and have good jobs working for the town shows you that their previous lack of privilege no longer matters.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are all dog whistles for critical race theory. If you hear people using them just understand that this is code for government sanctioned racism. Your town or city survived for centuries without these commissions and diversity trainings, and you don’t need them now. In Acton they are required to have at least 70% of members in their commission be Black or immigrant residents, in a town in which just 1% of residents are black. Thus they are severely over-represented. Here are the members of Acton’s board.

Almost everyone on that list is Asian, since Acton is a wealthy town and Asians are the only racial group that makes more money on average than white people. Yet we are supposed to pretend that they are somehow oppressed because everyone who isn’t a straight white male is oppressed in 2021.

If you have to participate in something like this at work you should refuse to do it on the grounds that it’s racist. If you don’t have the stones to do that then enjoy the world that you’re living in, because it’s only going to get worse as long as gutless cowards continue to go along with it. In the meantime let’s keep exposing and humiliating people like Corey York. They deserve nothing but your scorn for participating in this racist charade.


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