Ad For New Boston Police Commissioner Says They Must Admit Michael Brown And Breonna Taylor Were Killed Unjustly, Promote Marginalized Officers, Give Special Protection To LGBT Community


Michelle Wu issued an announcement looking for the next Boston Police Commissioner this week, and there are a few interesting requirements.

They have to be able to admit that Michael Brown and Breonna Taylor were killed “unjustly.” Even though a grand jury ruled that there was no evidence to suggest that Mike Brown was killed unjustly and plenty of evidence to show that he died while trying to steal a gun from a cop, and the DA in Louisville concluded that Breonna Taylor was killed incidentally after her boyfriend shot at police officers while they attempted to conduct a raid on her drug dealing trap house.

Applicants must also fully be on board with “anti-racism” (critical race theory), and must “actively center the safety and well-being of LGBTQ residents.”

Because boys who think they’re girls deserve more protection than anyone else.

The next commissioner must agree to specifically promote women, people of color, and other under-represented individuals.

And since there is a serious lack of non-binary paraplegics captains, this must change immediately.

Applicants must “reimagine public safety policies,” and “embrace crime reduction.”

Which of course means, “stop arresting people who commit crimes, take credit for the lower crime rate, and then tell everyone that you reimagined a world where bad guys stopped being bad.”

More than anything you have to admit that cops inherently hate black people and make steps to change that.

At no point is any sort of requirement listed about keeping the people of Boston safe from criminals, because that’s not what reimagining the police means. In the Boston that Michelle Wu has “reimagined” the police will allow people to commit crimes if they’re not white, all the people in charge of the police will be transgender Native Americans, and people like Michael Brown will be allowed to rob stores and kill police officers as long as they’re from a marginalized group.

Someone said to me the other day that Michelle Wu would be voted out next election because even liberals are sick of her. But people who think like this don’t understand how communists work. Michelle Wu is doing EXACTLY what she was sent there to do by the communists who elected her. She didn’t just win, she won in landslide. The most powerful people in the state back her, and next time she’s going to win by more. The best way you can reimagine Boston is by leaving it entirely.


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