Adam Parkhomenko, Virginia Democrats Force Black Man And Staffers To Pretend To Be White Supremacists To Smear Glenn Youngkin Campaign In Worst Race Hoax Since Jussie Smollett


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Election day is Tuesday and everyone should be voting in their local elections and watching what’s happening in Virginia, because this is a referendum on the first year of the Biden administration:

  • Prices of everything are soaring due to uncontrolled hyperinflation
  • Cargo ships are sitting off the coasts of our major ports unable to unload while the Secretary of Transportation took two months off for paternity leave
  • People are refusing to work because they’re getting paid more by the government not to
  • Cops, nurses, firefighters, corrections officers, and other “essential workers” who were heralded as heroes during the pandemic are being fired for not getting a vaccine that they don’t need or want, while the Biden administration cheers it on
  • Vaccine mandates prevent people from going to stores and restaurants, and will soon prevent you from flying on planes and sending your kids to school
  • Dissenting voices are being banned from social media platforms and spied on by the federal government
  • Thirteen marines were killed by terrorists as a result of a poorly planned evacuation from Afghanistan, and we responded by killing cars full of innocent Afghan children
  • Our southern border is non-existent, and every day thousands of unvaccinated illegal immigrants flood into our country before being distributed around the nation where they can remain for the rest of their lives and collect off the taxpayers
  • Critical race theory and transgenderism are being pushed on our children in schools, and some girls are getting raped in the bathroom by boys in skirts
  • Parents who complain about the state of public schools are being labeled as domestic terrorists by the federal government, and the Justice Department has directed the FBI to investigate them
  • January 6 is being used by the government to curtail civil liberties of American citizens in the name of public safety, despite the fact that the only person killed on that day was Ashli Babbitt
  • We have no idea who is even running the country, as our elected President is not allowed to answer questions from the press

But at least the Biden administration is focusing on things that most Americans are VERY concerned about:

You can’t afford to buy a house or a car, your kids are reading porn in school, and you lost your job because you didn’t want to get raped with a vaccine, but you can rest easy knowing that this country has a National Gender Strategy.

Virginia is a state George W. Bush won twice that has taken a hard turn to the left and is now solidly blue and no longer considered a swing state. Biden won there by 10 points there, and Democrats control the House of Delegates, State Senate, and Governorship. A man named Terry Mcauliffe, who was the Democratic Governor of Virginia from 2014-2018, is running again since the current Democratic governor (who was caught in blackface) is ineligible (VA lets you serve one more than one term, as long as it’s non-consecutive).

Mcauliffe winning was a foregone conclusion, but in the last month or so Virginia has become a battleground around public school issues – forced masking of kids, forced acceptance of transgenderism, and critical race theory in the classroom. In Loudon County the Democratic School Committee and Superintendent covered up a 15 year old girl being raped by a boy in a skirt, and allowed him to transfer to another school where he raped again. Parents have been protesting and speaking out at School Committee meetings, and consequently have been labeled as domestic terrorists by the Biden administration. Mcauliffe foolishly said during a debate that he doesn’t think parents should be making decisions about what books are being read in schools, and his Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin pounced on it.

As a result of all of this Youngkin has taken an unheard of 8 point lead in a recent poll, largely due to the education issue, and he’s doing it all without Donald Trump. There’s nothing Democrats want more than for Trump to get involved in this race, which should tell Republicans something about strategy moving forward. The way to win isn’t to cry about election fraud, it’s to focus on the public schools because parental choice is popular. Meanwhile, Democrats and the pedophile protecting Lincoln Project are claiming that “critical race theory” is how concerned parents hide the fact that we really just want to use the n word.

This is what they think of us. Unfortunately for them their messaging is not working as Youngkin continues to surge in the polls.

Win or lose, the fact that it’s this competitive spells trouble for Democrats nationwide, and they’re getting desperate. Yesterday this happened:

Obviously this was a hoax. Only a very, very stupid person would believe that a bunch of white nationalists in Charlottesville would carry tiki torches and say, “We’re all in for Glenn.” Jussie Smollett was more believable. They couldn’t even hire 5 white guys. Instead they brought in some white chick and Clayton Bigsby, and thought people would fall for this.

It worked though, as the mainstream media reported it without asking any questions, and Democrats who serve on the House Intel Committee spread the lie, just like they did with Jussie Smollett, Russiagate, Covington, etc.

Countless blue checkmarks shared this, including former prosecutor and MSNBC host Glenn Kirschner.

Ultra-bald Hillary Clinton strategist Adam Parkhomenko was one of the worst offenders.

Imagine waking up every day and looking like this.


The Big Lie was also being pushed by Mcauliffe campaign workers like Christina  Freundlich, Jen Goodman, and social media manager Charlie Olaf.

Coincidentally the day before Parkhomenko had urged people to follow Charlie Olaf, who had hardly any followers.

Then the next day – BOOM.

Parkhomenko has hundreds of thousands of followers, and he coordinated with the Mcauliffe campaign to promote this obvious and staged hoax.




It was soon discovered by a guy on Twitter named Alec Sears that those white nationalists were actually Virginia Democrats. He identified the woman as Colleen Wachenfeld, a Cory Booker staffer and Mcaulliffe campaign committee member.

She tried renaming her account and then making it private before eventually deleting the account. Someone else immediately created a new account using her handle since it was now available.


This one is Camden Layton, a Virginia Democrat and campaign organizer.


Camden is still on Twitter, but has turned off replies so that he doesn’t get ratioed when he pretends that’s not him in the picture.

Still not sure who Clayton Bigsby is, but I’m willing to bet he’s being paid by the Democrats.

Shortly afterwards the pedophile protecting Lincoln Project, comprised of neocon Jeb Bush supporters who discovered that making money off dumb liberals by obsessing over Trump and creating ineffective commercials was a great way to make a living, took credit for the stunt.

Lauren Windsor and several other “principled” conservatives took credit for staging this but yet willingly spread disinformation that they created on social media prior to coming clean.

Lauren Windsor was also previously pictured with a Democratic operative named Peter James Callahan, who was one of the tiki torch plants.

This tells us many things we already knew:

  • Racism is nothing but a play toy for these people that they can concoct and use as a weapon against their opponents as a distraction from the fact that Americans don’t like the policies Democrats are pushing
  • Social media companies don’t really care about disinformation, and neither does the media
  • Racism is so rare and uncommon that race hoaxes are the only way to make the public think that Republicans inspire it
  • The Democrats are freaking out because they’re losing on the school issue and instead of trying to have better policy they’re overplaying their hand by calling critical race theory the n word and staging race hoaxes like this
  • The Democratic Party is racist that they paid a black guy to dress up as a white supremacist
  • Republicans don’t need Donald Trump to win elections, they just need to stay focused on common sense issues that most Americans agree with




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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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