Agawam Police: Man Who Made Violent, Racist Threats On Facebook Was Hacked 


This is a censored version of this story. For the uncensored version click here to read it on Turtleboy Sports.

Yesterday we blogged about a man from the West Springfield-Agawam area who had made some disturbing, violent, racist threats on Facebook.


The blog got over 50,000 views, more than any blog in the history of TB Daily News. In particular it was widely shared by the Latino community, as his declaration of war on Puerto Ricans didn’t sit well with many.

Both the WSPD and APD must have been flooded with phone calls today, because they both issued press releases about our blog. Here’s what the WSPD had to say.

In other words, this is Agawam’s problem.

Here’s what APD had to say.

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You have to be kidding me. “I was hacked” is the modern day version of the banana in the tailpipe. In real life random people don’t get hacked. If you do get hacked it’s because someone wants to steal your credit card information, not because they want to frame you and make you look like an unstable racist bent on killing brown folk.

William Malia was banking on a police officer who would hear him say the word “hacked” and instantly think of a group of 12 year old Chinese boys pressing button in a poorly lit basement. The APD might’ve fallen for it, but the commenters have not.

I should try that line the next time I get sued.

William Malia posted this shortly afterwards.

That’s not how any of this works. The police can’t just call up 1-800 Facebook and ask Mark Zuckerberg for the IP address of a post that was deleted 24 hours ago. Trust me, no one actually works at Facebook. And LEO’s who have dealt with these tech companies know that it takes months to get anything from them, and usually requires a court order.

Let’s hope the APD reconsiders blindly believing this man’s story.



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