Alabama Woman Carlee Russell Faked Her Own Kidnapping With Story About Baby On Highway, Googled Amber Alert And “Taken” Prior To Running Away


Carlee Russell is a woman from Hoover, Alabama who’s made national headlines after allegedly being kidnapped for two days, in what was quite obviously a hoax from the beginning. It began with a Facebook post from the Hoover Police Department, stating that at 9:34 PM Russell saw a toddler walking on I-459 South. She called 911 and stopped to check on the child. When the cops arrived they found her car, wig, cell phone, purse, and Apple Watch, but no signs of Carlee or the toddler. Two days later she showed up at her parent’s house and said she was abducted in one of the wildest stories ever told.

Police said that her cellphone data shows that she walked 600 yards after calling 911 before pulling over, meaning the toddler was at least 600 yards away from her and somehow didn’t wander into the highway. No other callers on the highway saw this somehow. Video footage showing the highway from a distance does not show any signs of her being kidnapped.

She told police after returning home that she had been abducted along with the baby, by a man with red hair, and thrown in an 18 wheeler truck where a woman held her captive. She claims she tried to escape before being taken to a cabin in the woods where the abductors took naked pictures of her but never raped her. Miraculously they slipped up and she was able to escape and run through the woods until she found her way back home.

Carlee had a small injury to her lip and a tear in her shirt, but luckily the kidnappers/sex traffickers let her keep the $107 in her right sock. On the night she disappeared she smuggled out a bathrobe, toilet paper, and other items that belonged to her workplace. Cops say she also made a stop at Target an hour before disappearing, loading up on granola bars and Cheez-Its—snacks that weren’t found in her abandoned car. Carlee spoke with police once, but now is refusing to.

Anyone with a brain knew this was a hoax from the beginning. The most obvious part about it was that no one reported a missing toddler, who was dumb enough to run onto the highway, but smart enough to stay along the shoulder of the road. If a white woman claimed that 2 black people kidnapped and sexually abused her, and it turned out to be untrue, we all know how that would go.

She left her cell phone in the car because she knew it could trace where she went. She stocked up on snacks so she could survive a couple days in a hotel. She used cash so there would be no electronic trace of where she went. I have no idea why she did this, as there isn’t much for her to gain monetarily, but clearly she wanted attention. Tom Sawyer also once faked his own death because he got off on the idea that people would miss him when he was gone.

Her boyfriend Thomar Latrell Simmons made a Facebook and IG post about her being kidnapped, which made some suspicious of him.

He has since removed all pictures of her from social media, likely because he realized he looked like a moron and turned out to be dating a crazy chick. On July 8 she said she wanted to feel wanted.

Carlee had posted a bunch of tweets suggesting she was unhappy with her boyfriend, stating that “n words will risk everything for a hoe, stripper, etc.”

Last year she literally stated in a tweet that she wanted to check into a hotel for 48 hours to get away because everyone was pissing her off.

This was her plan for attention all along.

Carlee comes from a well off family that lives in an $800K home, she drove a Mercedes, and she was a nursing student.

In other words, she’s a spoiled, attention starved brat who wanted to make her boyfriend realize how much he would’ve missed her if she was gone, so she faked her own kidnapping thinking it was no big deal.

But because we have to “believe black women,” there were a plethora of comments from idiots who fell for this, and those who doubted it were branded as racists.

The demand for interstate sex traffickers far outweighs the supply.

Then later in the week the police announced that she had made a whole bunch of highly suspect Google searches that would make Jen McCabe look smart:

  • At July 11, 7:30 a.m. – the term “you have to pay for an amber alert or search.”
  • On July 13, at 1:03 a.m., the day of her disappearance, the term “how to take money from a register without being caught” was searched.
  • On July 13, at 2:13 a.m., the term “Birmingham bus station” was searched.
  • On July 13, at 2:35 a.m, a search for a “one-way bus ticket from Birmingham to Nashville “was conducted with a “departure date of July 13.”
  • On July 13, at 12:10 p.m., a search for the movie “Taken,” a film about abduction, was conducted.”
  • Police noted there were two more searches about Amber alerts were conducted by Russell at a work computer before she left that day

So she stole the $107 out of her employer’s cash register and planned to spend the weekend in Nashville watching reports about her disappearance on TV from a hotel room, and then come back with a made up story about ginger sex traffickers who never raped her and hope that people would not have any followup questions. She even brushed up on Liam Neeson films to make it sound more realistic.

It is interesting how Google searches always seem to be legitimate, unless Jen McCabe does them.

Anyway, Carlee should be charged with filing a false police report at the very least. We were told by many people that “people only care about missing women when they’re white like Gabby Petito,” but this proved otherwise. The story made national headlines, despite being obviously made up from the beginning, and millions of people went along with it anyway.

But please, tell me more how we should blindly believe people simply because of the color of their skin or what gender they are.


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