Allegations Of Racism At Boston Museum Of Fine Arts Lead To Hefty GoFundMe Donations For Boston Charter School Teacher


A charter school teacher from Dorchester name Marvelyne Lamy made a Facebook post alleging racism from the staff at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and it’s been shared nearly 2,000 times.


Have you picked up on the fact that charter schools seem to be nothing more than publicly funded politically correct brainwashing centers for social justice warriors? There are so many glaring issues with her allegations that would lead you to believe that several aspects of her story are completely fabricated or grossly exaggerated:

  • MFA employees always give school groups the standard speech about no food, no drink, and no water bottles. It’s not only makes no sense that they’d say “no watermelons,” it’s something that someone could easily misinterpret if they weren’t listening closely enough.
  • Most of the allegations come from students telling her things. Unconfirmed second hand anecdotes from 13 year olds are not facts.
  • She admits that her students touched the very expensive artifacts in the museum after being told not to.
  • She says that guards witnessed white kids touched the artifacts but were not disciplined. Anyone who has ever been to the MFA knows that touching the artifacts is a big deal, and a security guard wouldn’t look the other way if a group of white kids were touching them.
  • Guards follow everyone in museums like this because there is very expensive stuff that needs to be protected. When a group of 7th graders come in they’re going to be extra vigilant because 7th graders are much more likely to misbehave than adults.
  • The things that the kids allege that strangers said to them, (“stripping,” “never mind there’s f***ing black kids in the way,”) isn’t remotely believable. The Boston MFA crowd on a Monday is likely one of the most progressive and woke crowds you could possibly encounter. They’re only racist behind closed doors.
  • It sounds like the girl who was accused of stripping was dancing and acting inappropriately, so an adult told her to behave herself because her teachers wouldn’t.
  • She is teaching these kids to be victims.

After her post went viral the MFA took actions by claiming that they had interviewed and banned the two guests who said racist things towards these students:

After the investigation, the museum served no-trespass, cease-and-desist letters to two visitors whom the museum said used “offensive and inappropriate language when they came into contact with the students.” In an interview Friday evening, MFA Director Matthew Teitelbaum said the visitor whom the kids heard say “[expletive] black kids” has admitted to saying the expletive in front of the kids because she felt blocked. Teitelbaum said that it was “evident there was more than that.”

This is exactly what the Red Sox did after Adam Jones made up a lie about being called the n word at Fenway Park. They said they banned a guy from the stadium, but never named him. This makes it seem like the museum, 1) believes her, and 2) cares and is taking proactive steps to combat racism. In reality they don’t believe her, no one admitted anything, but they can’t call her a liar because it’s bad optics. Especially in Boston when the mob has already spoken.

Why would this allegedly racist person admit to saying something racist, and in doing so get themselves banned from the museum? There’s no audio on surveillance tape, and thus no proof that anything like that was uttered.

They also investigated the dancing incident:

In another instance, video footage revealed that one of the students who’d begun dancing at the “Gender Bending Fashion” exhibition became “very visibly distraught” after another museum visitor approached her and spoke to her. Teitelbaum described it as a “deeply confrontational exchange that took place.”

Which only confirms that a student was misbehaving, an adult told them to stop, and the student got upset.

The investigation showed that the students were not being targeted by security either.

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The MFA also said that it is understandable the students felt followed by the 13 guards who were on-duty at the exhibitions the children visited. The guards, according to the MFA, went off and on break and “overlapped as they moved from one area or another.”

But to the surprise of no one the teacher isn’t accepting that explanation.

“It’s just so disheartening to know that this was a very real experience for you and there were security guards that literally made you feel you did not belong in a place you wanted to take your kids to,” Lamy said. “For them to say no evidence of security guards following us is a slap in the face.”

Because then she can’t be a victim.

Now the MFA is mandating diversity training for guards so they don’t hurt people’s feelings while enforcing the rules.

eitelbaum said the museum will also mandate new training for guards to ensure their actions make people feel welcome. Regardless, Teitelbaum said the MFA will provide training for all front-line staff to ensure their tone is welcoming.

“For example, ‘We don’t take water bottles into the galleries because it actually isn’t great for the work of art,’ is better than saying, ‘Our rule is no water bottles,’ ” he said. “So the notion of how you frame the welcome, how you use your words to create a sense of inclusiveness rather than restriction is so important.”

The fact that stating rules doesn’t make people feel “inclusive” is everything that is wrong with PC society today. Rules don’t have to be inclusive. They’re just rules. If you don’t like them you are free to leave, and the museum should not cater to people who don’t feel “inclusive” because they don’t like following rules.

Months ago the teacher started a GoFundMe for books, which raised almost no money. However, thanks to her newfound fame she has surpassed her goal of $1,500 for books.

So as many of you know, I’m a 7th grade ELA teacher at Davis Leadership Academy. Many of my students love reading, but unfortunately we don’t have a library, nor do we have any books that students are interested in. I previously spent $200 to bring in books for the kids, but it was nowhere near enough. My students are always asking me for more books and I want to fuel their desire to read books. My hope is that I can help get a library started and help my students fall in love with reading. Any little bit helps. Please and thank you!

Teachers don’t start GFM’s for books, because taxes pay for that. If your school doesn’t have a library then show your kids where the public library is or take a field trip there. It’s not your job to start a GFM for a library, and $1,500 wouldn’t cover that anyway. Funny how it took an incident like this to meet her fundraising goal though.

Of course the Internet outrage mob blindly believed her as she fanned the flames of racism.

Because facts don’t matter when you have outrage on your side. It’s like Jussie Smollett never happened.


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