Alleged Sex Trafficking Survivor Eliza Bleu Appears To Be Lying About Past And Is Manipulating Elon Musk To Censor All Critics

Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Weekend Live Show.

Last Friday I was the guest on Tim Pool’s YouTube show Timcast.

During the live chat the two most popular things being posted were turtle emojis and references to a woman called Eliza Bleu.

Eliza Bleu has recently grown in popularity as an advocate to stop sex trafficking, and has made a name for herself on social media by claiming to be a survivor herself. She has intentionally sought out media attention and received it, including interviews with Dr. Drew, the Daily Wire, and several prominent YouTube streamers.

The reason that Tim’s audience spams her name in the chats is because she was his guest in an infamously unpopular episode of Timcast on January 6. Normally Tim gives his guests a chance to briefly introduce who they are and what they do. But Eliza grandstanded by spending 10 minutes reading what she claims were testimonials sent to her from anonymous survivors of sex trafficking at the hands of Andrew Tate (4:00 mark).

I don’t know why she wore shoulder pads and came dressed like a character from the Hunger Games, but to each their own.


From there on out she repeatedly referred to herself as a survivor of sex trafficking but flat out refused to answer any questions about it. She talked about how she was shocked that she didn’t die while she was sex trafficked, but never explained when that happened, who trafficked her, or how she escaped. Tim was has since been criticized by his fans for not grilling her, as typically his audience rejects the “believe all survivors” trope that became popular during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation.

Eliza “blew” up in recent months when she became pals with Elon Musk, gaining over 100K on Twitter due to his promotion of her, and bragged on Timcast about having a direct line to Elon. One of Musk’s first priorities at Twitter was to get rid of child pornography, which has become a political issue in recent years as Democrats have been accused of grooming children, and have been more associated with Jeffrey Esptein. For that reason people like Eliza Bleu, who allege to expose child sex trafficking, have become increasingly popular in right wing circles.

The problem is that right wing media, much like left wing media, looks for people who repeat stories that align with their confirmation bias. Accusing the ultra-liberals who previously ran Twitter of harboring pedophiles and sex traffickers was a message that resonated with conservatives.

Prior to going on Timcast some began to question Eliza’s story, particularly when a 2016 World Star Hip Hop video started making the rounds, showing her shaking her ghetto rumpus.

“Sex trafficking.”

Eliza knew this hurt her credibility, and since she has not provided a shred of evidence that she was ever the victim of sex trafficking, she wanted to get the video removed. However, according to World Star Hip Hop she was paid to be in it.

Nevertheless, she claimed that people posting links to the World Star video were posting non-consensual photos of her. Due to her influence with Elon she was able to get Twitter to remove links to the video, and banned prominent YouTubers like The Quartering and Brittany Venti, who continued to post screenshots from the video. Venti has been locked out of Twitter for two weeks for asking Eliza a question about more videos of her, all of which have since been removed by Twitter.

Yesterday many YouTubers discussing her lies and subsequent coverup have received privacy complaints, which are likely from her.

Eliza Bleu is not content with censoring her critics on Twitter, she wants them censored on all platforms.

Even more infuriating is that Eliza has been celebrating the censorship, and appears to have a close relationship with Twitter’s new head of safety, Ella Irwin.

Twitter was supposed to be open and censorship free after Elon took over. If they’re going to kick people off the platform for posting factual, publicly available information about a prominent public figure who happens to be close to Elon, then it’s really not much different from the last regime. Twitter is actively protecting this woman’s grift because they are afraid of questioning the authenticity of an alleged “survivor.”

Eliza responded to the complaints of censorship by claiming that she was going to “escalate to the full extent of the law,” praised Twitter for silencing those who were exposing her, promised to exempt Twitter from her imaginary litigation as a result, and encouraged her enemies to study the law.

So basically she’s like every ratchet I’ve ever blogged about who messaged me and said they were going to sue me for posting publicly available pictures that they voluntarily put on the Internet.

Newsflash – it is not illegal to post screenshots of a rap video someone got paid to be in, and there will be no lawsuit. This is just a woman who knows she’s been exposed and is desperately attempting to use fear in order to intimidate people into self-censorship.

World Star went on to remove the video, which she thanked them for, claiming that she was sexually exploited.

Unfortunately for her the Internet is forever, and censoring people only makes people wanna talk about you more. This is why I download any video I want to use and post it as a file on my website.

Eliza could prove all the critics wrong simply by naming one person who sex trafficked her. Instead she’s portraying herself as a victim, and suggesting that those who are exposing her are the same people who want to destroy Elon Musk (liberals).

She is trying to make it seem that those who are attacking her are actually attacking Elon Musk because she knows he is popular. She won’t address any of the allegations against her, and is instead doing the “I’m a strong woman and survivor of sexual violence who will never be silenced,” shtick. This isn’t surprising considering she has taken credit for ridding Twitter of child pornography.

Everything about this woman seems to be a lie. Eliza’s real name is Elizabeth Mortland. She’s 41 years old, was raised in western Illinois, and is the daughter of former Republican State Rep and failed 2018 Lt. Governor candidate Richard Morthland.

However, she’s denied her father publicly many times.

Why would she do that? A couple reasons:

  1. Coming from a comfortable farming background in rural Illinois would cast doubt on her claims to be a sex trafficking victim.
  2. Coming from rural Illinois would ruin the ghetto street vibe she’s going for with her obvious use of “blaccent” in the past. Compare her accent and tone on Timcast with this audio talking about her World Star video, as she explains how she was blessed to work with one of the “dopest directors in the game.”

Typically girls who are trafficked come from horrible homes which makes them easy targets for men who can lure them with drugs and money. Being a midwestern farmer’s daughter whose Dad was a Republican legislator is not the typical bio of a trafficking survivor.

The one consistent thing in Eliza Bleu’s life has been her need for attention. She has a long and documented history of seeking out publicity and receiving it. In 2005 she began to bang Gerard Way, the lead singer from My Chemical Romance, and was a proud groupie.

Here she is with her emo friends blurting on the n word that year.

A couple years before that she also appeared in an episode of Blind Date in 2005, where she was the date from Hell.

Eliza wasn’t getting the attention she craved, so she came up with a new pitch in 2020 – claiming to be a survivor of sex trafficking. Her story is filled with holes though. First she claimed she was groomed by an unnamed but famous photographer she met at a Warped Tour concert in Chicago when she was 16. She claimed that a few years later her father drove her to Los Angeles because an unnamed “high profile musician” promised to make her a star.


According to Eliza in a 2020 podcast interview, she was sexually trafficked within 48 hours of getting to LA. It’s unclear how the mysterious traffickers found her, but they evidently got her hooked on crystal meth very quickly and the next thing you know – BOOM – sex trafficked. According to her she was sold for the bargain basement price of $500 to a rich old guy in Hollywood Hills, where she found herself living with other sex trafficked transgender women. She never said who the man was, how he held her hostage, or if she contacted authorities.

Sounds legit.

So how did she break free from her trafficker? Simple – she was a pain in the ass:

Bleu claims she struggled to get enough water and food, “because I was on drugs and other substances.” But Bleu was such a handful for her traffickers, in her telling, that they ultimately gave her back to her original trafficker for free. Bleu claims she was hospitalized for a drug overdose before returning to her family farm in Illinois.

In fairness, if I had to listen to her talk 24/7 I’d probably return her to the trafficker I purchased her from too. Luckily these sex traffickers had a pretty generous return policy on defective equipment, so she got to go home to her family in Illinois.

After returning home she says that she voluntarily went back to her unnamed traffickers:

After two weeks on the farm, she returned to Los Angeles to retrieve her car, Bleu claims, but she was once again swept up into human trafficking for an undefined period.

“It’s odd what happens to the trauma brain,” Bleu said on the 2020 podcast episode to explain why she returned to her traffickers, comparing it to Stockholm syndrome.

She said on the podcast interview that this happened in 2008 or 2009, and that the second time around she was trafficked by a high profile athlete from Chicago. This rich athlete for some reason lived in the hood and she slept on the floor to avoid getting shot:

“My mattress was on the floor because we had so many shootings that year in the area,” Bleu recalled in 2020. “I just didn’t want to get shot.”

In a 2021 interview she said that she just kind of walked away from the traffickers 4-5 years later in 2013, but they still want to kill her family:

“When I stepped away from the gang, my traffickers lost money,” Bleu said in the 2020 interview. “And they want that money back. I am terrified that they would kill myself or my family or people that I care about. That’s how organized they are.”

She’s just that important.

Yet in 2010, during a time when she claimed she was being controlled by traffickers, she was trying out for American Idol, where she bragged about banging the lead singer of a band and called herself Eliza Siep and/or Eliza Cuts.

It was really nice of her sex traffickers to let her pursue her dreams while in captivity.

Also in 2012 during the middle of her sex trafficking slavery in the streets of Chicago, she managed to appear on the Steve Harvey show with Tyra Banks, shaking her money maker like she always does when she needs attention.

This was around the time where she switched from trying to gain attention through a predominantly white music scene, to trying to gain attention through the hip hop scene. She began to call herself a  “video vixen” and started appearing in rap videos like this one in 2012, while she was presumably still being trafficked.

I’ve never seen a sex trafficking victim with so much freedom and liberty.

Here she is after that video came out, filming herself as she called her Mom to tell her about it, assuming her mother wouldn’t approve. Except it backfired when her Mom was cool with it.

Yesterday The Daily Beast wrote a 5,000 word story on Eliza Bleu’s claims. They interviewed two of Eliza’s long time friends who both said she was lying about being sex trafficked. As a matter of fact, she attempted to talk her friend into being an escort with her.

So, basically she was an independent hooker looking to start a pyramid scheme. Real victims of sex trafficking are not typically afforded this much freedom.

Another friend said that she wasn’t living with sex traffickers because she was actually living with her in a safe area of Chicago.

She said the pair lived in Wicker Park, an affluent, trendy Chicago neighborhood. The roommate said Bleu’s parents were “always supportive financially.” “She was not in a precarious situation,” the roommate told The Daily Beast in a text message.

The roommate does remember Bleu sleeping on the floor, though not because of bullets.

“She slept on the floor but by choice, because she was into these floor pillows at the time,” the friend told The Daily Beast, though she added that Bleu “eventually bought a bed.”

Wenzel scoffs at the idea that Bleu lived in a dangerous neighborhood. Wenzel, who by then was married with a child, said she brought her toddler to visit Bleu and the roommate at their apartment—hardly the front line of a gang war.

“That is so not true,” Wenzel said. “She lived in a really cute apartment. They’re the whitest girls you could ever meet. There was no gang activity.”

But despite advertising her sex work as $500 per night, she claimed in a 2016 interview that she turned down an offer for $150K for sex. Listen to her accent and mannerisms in this video, then compare it to the Effie Trinket look she had on Timcast. (19:30 is when she said she turned down $150K for sex)

“It was cracking on the low.”

“They was trying to holla at me.”

“Nobody’s ever come and said nothing to my face.”

“Everyone who wants to have sex with me is a rapper or basketball player.”

Sure thing Elizabeth.

This is why she switched over to the sex trafficking angle – because being a rapper pass around didn’t get her the respect or sympathy she craved. In 2020 she began to push the right wing angle that sex trafficking was being caused by COVID lockdowns and Democrat groomers. That’s when she was featured on the Daily Wire.

Before she used the sex trafficking angle to get the attention of Elon Musk, she used it to gain the attention of Presidential candidate Andrew Yang by claiming to have opened a safe house for “trans survivors of trafficking,” called Humanity House. She alleged that Humanity House was a charity that housed victims.

There is no record anywhere of a nonprofit registered by Eliza under any of her aliases called Humanity House. All of these tweets have either been deleted by her, or Twitter is hiding them in their advanced search option, because they no longer come up.

Next thing you knew Eliza was accusing other women of lying about being victims of sex trafficking in order to promote their Only Fans.

Thus far the only evidence she has produced that she was trafficked was a picture of her with a black eye.

There is no context for this photo. You just have to assume the traffickers did that to her. Luckily makeup made it disappear before going on Steve Harvey.

Eliza said on Timcast that she wouldn’t lie about being sex trafficked because she hasn’t made money off of it.

“Let’s say, hypothetically, it is made up,” Bleu said. “What’s my biggest win so far in public? Getting Twitter to address child sexual abuse material and make it a top priority?

“I’m not asking an abuser for money, and I’m not asking people for money,” she added.

In September 2020 she ironically posted that people who financially grift off of victims and survivors are predators.

Despite claiming that she has nothing to gain financially by lying about this, her perceived victimhood landed her a job at Victims Refuse Silence – a nonprofit based out of Florida that was started by supposed survivors of Jeffrey Epstein.

To this day Eliza still is listed as a director for the nonprofit, which is run by a woman named Virginia Guiffre, who has had her fair share of criticism as well.

She’s also started a couple GoFundMe’s that always mention her history as a survivor of sex trafficking. One of them is for a vacation, because she claims her trafficking work is 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, and apparently didn’t pay much.



Besides that she hasn’t profited at all.

In January 2021 she appeared on a man named Adam Crigler’s YouTube channel, where she once again told her story of being groomed by an unnamed man at the age of 15, and being sold inso sex slavery when she was 17.

Her story changes frequently. Eliza Bleu basically wants you to blindly take her word for it that she survived sex trafficking. She definitely doesn’t want anyone asking questions though, which is why she’s trying to censor so many people now. Listen how defensive and angry she got during a December interview with reporter Katie Herzog.

She constantly hides behind the facade that no one has the right to ask her about her sex trafficking experiences because it’s too traumatizing, while making her alleged history as a sex trafficking survivor central to her identity.

Two nights ago on Timcast he responded to a superchat by saying that they would be looking into her story due to all the blowback from fans. The story is being written by Shane Cashman, a writer for Timcast. The two of them showered praise upon each other when she was on the show. Listen to how she manipulated him with love bombs.

She knows how to charm people, especially men.

Many are understandably skeptical that he will do a deep dive into her past, considering the ball tickling she’s currently engaging in with him.

We will see what Shane ends up writing. Until then I feel confident in saying that Eliza Bleu is not a victim of sex trafficking. She’s just an attention seeking, mid-range hooker who finally found a grift that works.

P.S. This clip of her trying to justify 13 year olds having sex in her libertarian utopia doesn’t help her cause.



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