Allegedly Fake Combat Veteran Threatens To Murder Son’s Mother On Video, Arrested For Beating Her Twice, Virtue Signals About Being Good Dad On Facebook


This is Jared Hussey form Somerset.

A few years ago he met a woman named Robyn, they dated for a couple years and had a son together.

But over time he revealed himself to be a narcissistic abuser so she began filming him and recently posted some of the videos on Tik Tok. Here’s one where he promises to make her disappear, and says that if she gets a restraining order it will be meaningless because it’s just a piece of paper.

The video got a lot of attention so Robyn started posting more videos showing Jared threatening to end her with one punch, screaming “GET THE F*** OUT OF MY HOUSE” in front of the baby, and threatening to siphon the gas out of her car so she can’t leave.

Jared has a long and documented history of violence and collects Google trophies like they’re going out of style.

In April of 2022 Somerset Police responded to a call from a neighbor after Jared punched her in the face when she tried to escape their house. When the cops arrived he was holding the baby like a shield. She got a restraining order on him right away.

A week later he was arrested for driving without a license, something he was also charged with years earlier. He hasn’t had a license since 2017 when he refused to take a breathalyzer while drunk driving and hasn’t bothered trying to get his license back. Yet he continues to drive around in his company truck because a license is a lot like a restraining order to him – just a piece of paper.

After his April 2022 arrest Jared didn’t see his kid again until February of 2023. That was when he plead guilty to A&B on a family member and was given probation.

After that he convinced Robyn to ask the court to amend the order to allow him to contact her about visitation with their son. According to Robyn he began telling her how sorry he was and manipulating her into giving him another chance. She naively agreed to move in with him again, but within a month he assaulted her when she tried leaving him and was arrested. He told police that he was scared of her because she allegedly threatened to tell police that he hit her (which he’s done many times), and then asked the police to handcuff him in the front due to a shoulder injury.

For being in the same house as her he was charged with violating an abuse prevention order as well.


Pretty much everything Jared Hussey says is a lie. Remember when he told police he had a shoulder injury from work? He posted this on Memorial Day.


He was also taken to court for what appears to be worker’s compensation fraud by his former employer.

Prior to his relationship with Robyn he also had a history of domestic violence with former girlfriends, and was divorced in 2016. Robyn reached out to an ex-girlfriend who actually thought that she was Jared pretending to be Robyn, since this is apparently something he does as well to manipulate women.


In 2020 Jared was also arrested in Swansea after he got belligerently drunk at his friends house, they called his parents to come pick him up but he refused to get in the car, caused a huge scene, and the cops had to be called. When they got there he tried to fight them but it didn’t work out well because he was covered in vomit. Of course he passed out in the backseat of the cruiser.

According to Robyn this is pretty standard when Jared drinks. Here is after one too many Truly’s.

I remember my first beer.

But wait, it gets better. Jared got caught sexting with another woman, and to keep the woman away from Robyn he told her that Robyn wanted him to have sex with other women. Of course that wasn’t true, and in order to prevent the two of them from speaking her told her that she couldn’t approach Robyn to confirm because Robyn was a secret government agent.

After getting caught red handed he tried to lie his way out of it and turned off the electricity on Robyn and their child to prove how upset and hurt he was.

But like all narcissists he was in her inbox love bombing and begging for forgiveness the next day.

As we learned during the Landon Steele series, when people like to pretend to be combat veterans they just grow a long beard and become raging alcoholics, and that way everyone will think they’re all f***ed up from the war. Jared did this as well, telling Robyn that he was an army veteran who joined up after 9/11 and fought the Taliban, or something. He claims to have PTSD and says he had his knee replaced from an accident after jumping out of a helicopter. He also told Robyn that he was a green beret and ran all kind of special ops. He doesn’t have any pictures of himself in uniform, can’t show anyone his papers, and his mother says he’s making it all up. He parlayed that lie into becoming the President of something called the Bearded Rebellion, which does work with veterans.

He’s now dating another woman, who Robyn tried to warn about his behavior, but the woman ended up blocking her. Meanwhile Jared has been posting a lot on Facebook. He occasionally posts pictures of teenage girls walking their dogs in order to shame them as trespassers.

But other than that he virtue signals about what a great and loving father he is by posting stuff like this:

He makes it seem like he’s a major part of this kid’s life, when in fact he’s a serial abuser who refuses to take responsibility for his behavior, despite the fact that it’s what is keeping him away from his son.

Despite having an order on him he’s constantly badmouthing her on social media as well.

“That little boy is my everything.” – Man who is willing to do none of the simple requirements to establish a relationship with his son.

This man regularly abused his son’s mother in front of him but claims to be a “good dad” because he posts pictures on Facebook holding the kid’s hand during the brief time they were together. For what it’s worth the allegation that her son was in danger because she moved back in with an abusive ex-boyfriend is pure fiction as well. Robyn moved in with her dying mother who passed away in December. Just in case it wasn’t clear what a garbage human being Jared Hussey is.

Here’s what he posted on Mother’s Day.

“Me and your mother don’t see eye to eye.”

Translation – I can’t stop beating the shit out of her and have threatened to kill her on video multiple times. But to him it’s basically just a disagreement.

Anyway, Jared apparently has found a new girlfriend he’s pulling the same trick on, and she’s drinking the Kool-Aid. She reached out to the woman who made the Tik Tok about this and asked her to remove it in order to protect her boyfriend.

Don’t worry Nicolette, you’re probably the only girlfriend Jared’s not gonna kick the shit out of. You’re special, unlike all the other women who were asking for it. It was their fault for upsetting bootleg Landon Steele, but you’ll never make him mad so you have nothing to worry about.


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