Alternative School Teacher Confesses To Murdering Sex Offender On Community Facebook Page After Seeing Him Try To Lure Children


Mattieo Condoluci was a registered sex offender living in Omaha, NE.

He liked to rape kids, had a few convictions under his belt, and was still able to get his online pastor degree from the same school that accredited Reverend Sarai Rivera.

Pictures from his “Disciples of Christ Street Ministry” Facebook page are disturbing, since it shows him putting on events that would attract children.

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I refer to him in the past tense because he was killed by a vigilante named James Fairbanks last week, who confessed to what he had done on an Omaha scanner Facebook group.

This is the wildest story I’ve ever seen. James Fairbanks has kids of his own and appears to be a loving father on his Facebook page.

Look, I get the urge to kill pedophiles, and I think that ultimately this man did a public service. But you have to be tapped in the head to willingly say goodbye to your own kids (which is what you’re doing by committing murder) in order to take a pedophile off the streets. Seems like perhaps alerting the neighbors or calling the cops might’ve saved him a lot of trouble. The courts aren’t going to cut him any leniency because of all the Facebook likes, but at least in jail James Fairbanks will be a de facto God.

One of the “minister” sex offender’s victims killed himself in 2017 and his mother made a page dedicated to exposing the man who ruined his life.

He was apparently in law enforcement too.

And according to her he moved from state to state preying on single mothers so he could get near their kids.

The mother has since repurposed the page to call it “Free James Fairbanks,” and she’s gone full free muh boi for Jimmy, and even shared his GoFundMe. Apparently the dead skinner also tried to join the KKK, and sold bags full of kid’s toys on Facebook, using the name Rordy Smith, around Christmas.

You know you’re a monster when even your own daughter Amanda Henry says that the world is a better place without you.

“Murdering my dad was a horrible thing,” she said. “But children are much safer now, any other child he could have hurt is much safer.”

This is a tough one. On the one hand we can’t just let people go around deciding to kill pedophiles because it would open this whole door where every hardo who wants to be a hero could kill someone they suspect of being a skinner. On the other hand, James Fairbanks really did a public service by eliminating this creep, and according to his ex-wife his motives were pure.

Tamayo said Fairbanks has worked in the corrections system with sex offenders in the past and saw the worst of them.

“I could only say like that I think he reflected on his experiences working with them as just bothersome and upsetting because they are repeat offenders, we know them to be people who, you know, who repeatedly act out their intent or they act on their wishes that are to harm children,” Tamayo said. “And so I think that, you know, he had mixed feelings of great sadness for the victims and frustrations certainly with those kind of people.”

She described him as a protective person who was most recently working with troubled children in the Omaha Public School system. She said Fairbanks had never mentioned Condoluci, in particular, to her before the murder.

I have no doubt that Jim, like all parents, was disgusted with that man’s actions and wished justice,” Tamayo wrote in a text message. “Again, I want it to be known that Jim is a protector who cared for some of the most vulnerable and victimized children. Please, if you can, report that Developmental Services of Nebraska had to create a special award for him because he never had to restrain kids and was always able to verbally de-escalate them. Many of them were victims of sexual abuse.”

Omaha Public Schools confirmed Fairbanks worked at Morton Middle School from 2016 to 2018 and was most recently working for the middle school alternative program.

The pedo moved to Omaha for one reason – to have a fresh start and rape some new kids. James figured that out and made sure he couldn’t do that anymore. I wouldn’t do it because I don’t feel like losing my family over it, but I’m not going to hate on someone who would.



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