Amherst Teacher With Trans Son Got Students To Write A Hit Piece Smearing 4 Teachers Of Color For Using The Wrong Gender Pronouns And Now They’re All Suspended  


This is Sara Barber-Just, an English teacher at Amherst Regional High School.

Amherst is Cambridge with trees, and thus has become a communist haven that cannot be saved. But even by Amherst standards what she has done to brainwash her students, and use them as pawns to harm other teachers in her school district, is beyond the pale.

Barber-Just studied “social justice education” at Goddard College, and is the department head at ARHS.

She’s a lesbian and a radical leftist, so of course that means she is required to have a transgender child. Although they adopted two boys, she now pretends that one of them is a girl, so that she can brag about they/them to the other wine moms.

She has the standard virtue signaling signs in her front yard to affirm that her political opinions make her a better person than you.

You may notice the black lives matter sign in the front yard of her Leverett home. She chose to live in this town of just 1,600 people, despite the fact that 0.24% of the population is black (4 people in the entire town). She likes black people, she just would prefer they live in a different community and not believe in God.

Her classroom is filled with communist propaganda.

The Boston Globe has picked up this story, and framed it as bigoted teachers targeting “transgender” children, but in reality this is a story about a white woman using her alleged privilege to weaponize her privileged students against other teachers of color.

Despite being one of the most progressive communities in the country, Sara urged her students to write a story for the student newspaper defaming three middle school employees as “transphobic,” using unconfirmed anecdotes that all three educators are denying. It should be noted that all of the educators her students are targeting and bullying are people of color. They’re also all religious, which means they have to be destroyed, because the religious cult of transgenderism doesn’t allow non-believers.

On May 9th Sara’s class published this story in the student newspaper. The three educators being villainized are 8th grade adjustment counselor Hector Santos:

8th grade guidance counselor Delynda Dykes (middle):

And Santos’ daughter Tonia Cabrera, who is a 7th grade guidance counselor.

The three middle school counselors were alleged to have committed the crimes of “misgendering” and “dead naming” students. In other words, they failed to call students made up names and pronouns that contradicted biological reality. They are represented by Attorney Ryan McLane, who represented me in the Tony Branch and Jamie Genereux lawsuits. I reached out to him for comment but he had nothing to add, other than what was already being reported in the Globe – that they all deny the allegations:

All three counselors denied the claims in statements to The Graphic, and their attorney, Ryan P. McLane, told the Globe in an e-mail that the allegations are unfounded: “My clients did not engage in ‘conversion therapy’ or any Title IX violation,” he wrote. “They are Christians, but that does not mean that they are somehow not entitled to a fair investigation. While the law prohibits discrimination based on sex, it also prohibits discrimination based on religious beliefs.”

First of all, if they did, good for them. You cannot compel teachers to play along with your politics, no matter how much you attempt to use suicide as a weapon. Transgenderism IS political, because a significant portion of the country does not believe in the made up nonsense that a boy can become a girl or a girl can become a boy by declaring it as such, taking hormones, or creating a decorative penis out of spare arm tissue. Forcing people to play along with transgenderism if they don’t believe in it is forcing your politics on them.

But the guidance counselors aren’t even doing that. The whole thing started when a teacher went on Santos’ Facebook page and didn’t like what they saw:

Later this year, screenshots of public Facebook reposts by Santos also emerged and were shared somewhat widely among ARMS staff (his page is now viewable only by friends). These were shared with The Graphic as well. One, dated September 5, 2022, is a repost of a post by David Fierro. Accompanied by an image of the crucified hand of Christ shielding children from rainbow paint about to spill on them, it reads, “If my 4-year-old son tells me he wants to dress up as a princess, I will tell him no. I will try to get my daughter to play a sport of her liking or the violin, but I will not support male behaviors. I’m not going to endorse someone telling you that there is a third gender. There are only two chromosomes. … God created man in the beginning, Adam and Eve.” 

It ends with, “I will not run away from my responsibility as a [parent] and my duty to teach them things as they are. If you think the same, I invite you to express it and don’t be silent. If others scream their rights, I scream mine.” 

Oh no! He re-shared a meme saying he wouldn’t let his son be a princess, and wouldn’t run away from his responsibility as a parent. Guess that means he can’t work anymore and must be destitute.

He also did this:

On top of that, staff members witnessed Santos “misgendering a student in crisis who had been on his caseload for months.”  On another occasion, staff members reported that when a student had a panic attack in a hallway and was lying on the floor, the area was shut down to divert student traffic. Santos allegedly arrived on the scene, standing over the child and shouting, “You need to get up off the floor. You’re making a spectacle of yourself.”

He accidentally called a student the pronoun that aligns with their birth certificate! Oh dear! Then he told a kid who was rolling down on the ground to get up so other kids could get to class. What a horrible person!

The story goes on to talk about a white “nonbinary” kid named Echo who was “routinely misgendered” by Delinda Dykes, despite wearing a pronoun pin. Naturally her racist white parents decided that the black woman needed to be destroyed, despite telling the parent that she was learning and hoped the parent would grant her mercy.

How dare this woman not immediately understand cultural trends that the blue haired mafia is making TikToks about.

Delinda Dykes is ironically a big fan of identity politics when it suits her.

But the white people in her town with the “black lives matter” signs in their yards apparently want this black educator replaced with a white person who won’t screw up Echo’s made-up pronouns.

The problem is that Delinda’s racial identity doesn’t matter to these people because they hate her for her religious beliefs:

The reality is that “students” didn’t write the story. Sara Barber-Just did. This is a woman who desperately wanted to be a journalist, but never could be.

So the next best thing she could do is start an LGBTQ literature course in school, commandeer the school newspaper, and train kids to be “journalists” by writing stories that align with her political opinions. According to her kids need journalism because they feel hopeless due to climate change.


The only cult that compares to the cult of transgenderism is the cult of climate change.

If the kids in her class came to Sara and said they wanted to write an investigative story exposing other teachers for not supporting gun rights, or for allowing illegal immigration, would she have given them the “guidance” she did? Of course not. In her class she teaches that journalism is really just left wing activism.

Nevertheless, “students” interviewed a secretary (who unlike the other teachers got to remain anonymous) who made up a story about being invited to a prayer group where Dykes (unfortunate name for an alleged homophobe) said something about gay demons confusing kids.

I’ll take things that never happened for $500, Alex.

The story quotes Echo’s anonymous mother “Joan,” who claims that her nonbinary kid had to drop out of school for PTSD because kids were bullying they/them.

Your kid is fucked up because you made them this way, you child abusing ghouls.

Another “transgender boy” (a biological girl) who goes by James and admits to getting kicked out of class a lot for being disrespectful to teachers who misgender her, says that she went to Dykes to complain about other kids stealing her bike and calling her a fag. Dykes told her to stay away from those boys and they’d stop messing with her, which apparently is bad advice now.

Instead of discipline in Amherst they have “restorative justice circles,” which was supposed to be a liberal alternative to suspensions. But those are bad now too because kids who misgender should be kicked out of school instead of working out their problems with kids who have made up pronouns.

Of course the child’s delusions were fueled by her mother who began sleeping in her room so that she didn’t kill herself.

Newsflash – the child isn’t really suicidal. They’re just saying they are because society has taught them that saying you’re suicidal means that the rest of society has to do what you tell them to do.

Keep in mind, this is arguably the most progressive school district in the most progressive state. They have entire departments and clubs dedicated to catering to the feelings of kids who think they’re another gender.


And it’s still not enough. Almost as if this is some sort of undiagnosed mental illness.

One teacher named Alicia Lopez even said that her number one job was to “be an ally right now,” which meant she had to hand out communist propaganda pins to children.

No, your job is to teach kids English who struggle with the language. Your religion is handing out pride pins.

All three educators are on leave (while people like Michael Proctor continue to work), as is the district’s assistant superintendent Doreen Cunningham for failing to do…..something.

Oh look, another black woman surrounded by a sea of angry white people who demand that she not be able to work. It’s OK though – they have BLM yard signs.

And where is the teacher’s union? Shouldn’t they be defending the three dues paying members who are being harassed, bullied, and libeled by students, parents, and teachers? They’re actually leading the charge against them.

“Why would someone want to stay in a district where so much staff has said they have no confidence in you?”

Probably because she worked her whole life to get where she is and isn’t going to allow herself to be bullied out of her job by bad faith malcontents.

A white teacher named Amy Kalman attacked the black assistant superintendent for bringing up the fact that the union president is just mad that Cunningham got the job over her.

This is the face of an actual racist, who naively believes that she won’t go down in the history books as the next Bull Connor.

Cunningham’s son Greg Gardener, who is also black and used to work in the district, was nearly attacked by the white mob at a School Committee meeting for defending his mother.

The Boston Globe viewed this story much differently than I did. According to Brooke Hauser (who is not an award winning journalist), this was yet another example of how “trans rights are under attack.”

I clicked on that link and it brought me here to a map showing proposed and passed legislation in various states. In New Hampshire trans rights are “under attack” for defining child abuse, prohibiting genital mutilation of minors, and establishing a parent’s bill of rights. In Rhode Island trans rights are “under attack” by proposed laws that prevent boys from dominating girls sports, caring about the health and safety of pupils, and forcing schools to notify parents if their kids say they’re a different gender.

All the mainstream media does is lie.

The Globe interviewed Ajay Khashu and Kara Knott, the parents of a “transgender male” (a student who demands to use the boy’s bathroom but can’t use the urinals).

Coincidentally they’re both staunch Democrats who work in Academia, just like 99.9999% of all parents of “transgender kids.” They met at Hampshire College, raised their kids in Brooklyn, and recently moved to Amherst when she got a job at UMass.

This is back when they had a son and two daughters.

Now they have two sons and a daughter, because having a trans kid is the trendy thing to do in their social circles. They’re really upset that their gender confused daughter is taking shit because she keeps changing the bathroom she goes to.


“They really dropped the ball and they failed.”

No, you failed as a parent.


This isn’t the first time Sara Just-Barber “guided” students to write a story in the student newspaper that aligned with her ideology either. In 2019 she got the students to write a story about the district using cheap labor to reupholster school auditorium seats.


Because that’s something kids would decide to write about on their own.

The superintendent asked Barber-Just not to publish the story due to an ongoing legal matter, but she decided that listening to her boss “wasn’t an option.” Prior to publication she had her students participate in an hour long phone call with her attorney friend from the terrorist organization known as the SPLC, who told them to at least contact the teachers they were smearing before publication.

No other union would allow for members to openly attack other members and call for their firing. This is why teachers don’t get paid as much as cops – it’s a an ideological union that doesn’t look out for the best interest of its members.


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