Any Brookline Cop Who Voted For Donald Trump Is A “Clear And Present Danger” According To AOC Endorsed Selectman Raul Fernandez


This is Brookline Selectman “Dr” Raul Fernandez.

He got elected in 2019 after AOC came to town and endorsed him.

Recently at a meeting he shared his thoughts on the Capitol “insurrection,” how black lives matter rioters were nothing like the people who were arrested in Washington, and why people who own guns and wanted the lockdowns to end were the real terrorists. But it was his thoughts on police officers and why they can’t support Donald Trump and keep their jobs that stood out the most. (good stuff starts around the 14:30 mark)

“No one today can claim to support this President and somehow distance themselves from the mayhem we saw last week. Those days are over. My concern here in Brookline is that we have supporters of the president in our community and on our police force. I hope that support has vanished in the wake of these events, particularly among law enforcement, because anyone who supports Trump today and walks the beat with a bad and a gun is a clear and present danger to the rest of us.”

Get used to this. It’s not enough for them that they won and control everything now. It’s not enough that they got rid of the guy they spent four years trying to get rid of. Now they want to get rid of YOU too. If you voted for him, you’re not worthy of living in civilized society because you’re barely human to begin with. Luckily there is hope for you, but you first must denounce Trump, admit you were wrong, and acknowledge your white privilege (even if you’re not white). You’ll be allowed back into civilized society and can have a job, pay your bills, use social media (as long as you keep saying the right things), open a bank account, and have civil liberties. They might use the Capitol “insurrection” to spy on you, or put you on a no fly list because you’re conservative, but that’s only because 74 million Trump supporters are a “clear and present danger” because they were brainwashed by a terrorist cult leader. Once you become deprogrammed you should be good to go.

Raul Fernandez pretends to be an oppressed member of a “marginalized” class, but in reality he is the poster child of modern privilege. He makes a six figure salary at BU as the “Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion,” which drives up the cost of college and puts people with “equity and inclusion” degrees in debt for the rest of their lives because they purchased a useless piece of paper so that Raul can have a job.

He serves on the DESE “Racial Imbalance Advisory Council,” which influences how your children will be educated in public schools. He gets paid as a cog in the racism-industrial complex to call everything racist and then offer the cure for racism via workshops that he puts on, where he lectures white people (including doctors, teachers, nurses, or any other workplace he’s paid to give a workshop at) to “examine their background,” and identify their own privileges and biases (being born white).

These are the people who are going to tell you that you must shut up and listen to them for the next four years. You better be prepared to stand up to these privileged elitists because they won’t rest until you are destitute or you submit to them.

Welcome to the new resistance, and meet your enemy. These people don’t want to get along with you, and they certainly don’t want unity. What he said about Brookline police officers is un-American and violates the First Amendment. Cops are American citizens with free speech rights and they can support which ever candidate they want to for office. In his mind if you voted for Trump it means you supported the Capitol riots, but if you supported BLM you’re somehow not responsible for burning down police stations and privately owned businesses.

Raul Fernandez claims that cops are a clear and present danger if they voted for Trump and haven’t denounced him, but the real clear and present danger right now are fascist, talentless products of academia like Raul Fernandez who would gladly eliminate all your civil liberties so that they can have absolute power. Don’t attempt to get along with these people or find common ground. Resist everything they want you to do, support anyone who challenges them, and take back your country in the next election.

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