Arizona Man “Furry” Who Identifies As Dog Arrested For Kidnapping 13 Year Old Utah Boy He Groomed On Gaming Platform, Disturbing Twitter Account Shows Graphic Images, Referred To Boy As “Lamb”


The Layton City, UT Police Department put out an Amber Alert for 13 year old Evan McConney earlier in the week when the teen was kidnapped from his home by 26 year old Aaron Zeman, AKA Tadashi Kojima, from Arizona. Yesterday Zeman was arrested in Grand Island, NE after an observant gas station clerk noticed suspicious behavior and called police.

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Zeman had been grooming McConney for months after meeting while online gaming. They communicated through Meta’s Oculus device, which McConney’s parent’s discovered and alerted authorities to in late November. According to the victim’s mother Heather McConney, police subpoenaed Twitter and text now to identify who the man was who was communicating with her son, but were waiting on results when Zeman found another way to communicate with the boy.

“She had brought in his phone and we had that and had we’re going through issuing subpoenas and investigative requests with Twitter and text now and other places to try and identify the suspect,” said Lt. Travis Lyman with the Layton Police Department. Lt. Lyman explained they were waiting for the results of those subpoenas when Zeman ultimately found other ways to get in touch with the teen.

This one is on Elon Musk. He said he wanted to get rid of pedophiles on the platform, but despite being alerted by Layton City Police, Aaron Zeman’s two Twitter accounts, which are extremely disturbing, are still up at the time of writing this blog. He made no attempt to hide the fact that he was a pedophile. According to @HunterHornyFox he is a “gay/demi furry fox.”

Had Twitter responded to the subpoena they would’ve seen that Aaron Zeman pretends to be a dog, and constantly posts graphic sexual images of himself on his account.

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He frequently uses the word boys instead of men, like in this tweet of him pleasuring himself, in which he says it is for “all the boys who make me smile every day.”

He called Evan his “very special boy,” and said that the boy’s videos were “so friggin hot.”

He called Evan his “lamb,” and referred to him as the “sweetest sexiest man in existence,” weeks after the parents had found out about him and alerted police. He called himself the wolf.


In another tweet he describes graphic things he wants to do to the boy, and the boy to do to him.

He is a top, and said that he has an “incredibly loving and attentive bottom,” but didn’t say definitively that he was referring to the child.

But he frequently referred to the boy as his boyfriend, and said that he thought about this “sweet little pink bussy.” (term for boy’s….you know)


In one bathroom selfie you can see sex toys and sharp dental tools in the mirror. He posted videos of himself inserting one of those toys inside of him several times.

On the day that he picked up the child in Utah he asked how “ever(y) furries Christmas” was, and said that he was going on two kinds of trips with his lamb. He lured the boy with cannabis.

According to his parents Zeman told the boy to bring his passport with him, so he was likely planning on leaving the country. Evidently his GPS wasn’t working because they ended up in Nebraska instead. A week before kidnapping the boy, Zeman said that he was going to marry “my lamb” on the trip.

The gas station clerk in Nebraska is a hero, and thanks to their quick action Heather McConney was reunited with her son.

God knows what happened to him, or why he decided to get in the car with this stranger. But there are no shortage of child sex predators in online gaming platforms, and this animal was able to identify the boy as homosexual, turn him against his own family, and lure him with weed cartridges. Milo Yiannopoulos was cancelled five years ago for going on the Joe Rogan Show and talking about how he was groomed as a young gay boy, and how common it was for that to happen. Maybe people should’ve listened to what he was saying instead of pretending this doesn’t happen.