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Arlington Public Schools DEI Director Sends Email Directing Teachers To Tell Kids That Black Cops Killed Tyre Nichols Due To Internalized Racism Because Police Came From Racist Slave Catchers


This is Margaret Credle Thomas, the director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Arlington Public Schools.

Her position was created in 2021 in direct response to communist street riots over the death of a black man in Minnesota, and the wealthy white liberals of Arlington feel much better about what happened to George Floyd because their tax dollars pay a black woman to do, something. Her job is to talk about racism non-stop but never show any improvement, because her career trajectory is dependent upon racism always being prevalent.

It’s not clear what she does all day to earn her six figure taxpayer funded salary, but one of her duties is to send out emails whenever a black person is killed somewhere in the country. However, since black people are killed every day she wouldn’t have time to pretend to care about all of them, so she waits until CNN tells her about a black man she’s supposed to care about being killed by police before deciding that his death was email worthy. That’s why she sent out this email on Monday about Tyre Nichols, who was killed by 5 black police officers in Memphis on January 7.

Tyre Nichols was killed in Memphis, which is 1,500 miles from Arlington. Cora, Dawson, and Callan Clancy were killed in Duxbury, which is 30 miles from Arlington.

Some lives matter more than others in our society.

Margaret Credle Thomas chose to use her school sanctioned email to memorialize the 29 year old man instead of the 3 young children because of two reasons:

  1. He’s black, so his death is useful to her
  2. He was killed by police, so his death is especially useful to her

Those children in Duxbury died because an insurance company didn’t want to pay for their mother to have in person treatment for the psychosis she was suffering from. They died because we have a lack of mental healthcare in this country. They were human beings with stories to tell, but Margaret Credle Thomas will not tell them. Instead she chose to talk about a 29 year old man in Memphis and why he liked photography.

Thomas completely gaslit parents by making it seem like what happened to Tyre Nichols was a common occurrence. But if it was common then she wouldn’t know his name. It’s because incidents like this are rare that makes it such a big deal.

Black people are murdered every day in this country and she doesn’t know any of their names because they weren’t killed by police. She says she “fears for the lives of African-American men in light of the movement that seems intent on their extermination,” while ignoring the fact that black men are much more likely to be killed by another black man who isn’t a police officer.

The sentence about extermination is hyperbole and blood libel against police, and it is completely inappropriate. It suggests police exist to “exterminate” black men, and that young black boys should fear them. She knows this is a lie, but she writes emails like this anyway because she gets paid to stir up division and distrust of the police.

But how could she turn this into a race issue if all 5 cops charged with killing Tyre Nichols are black? Simple – she said that those 5 black men were suffering from internalized oppression and institutional racism that made them kill a black man:

You would think this was satire, but she had a straight face while writing it. When DEI grifters like Margaret Credle Thomas saw that a black man was killed by 5 black cops they knew it would be difficult to make this about race. Difficult, but not impossible. So they made up the new buzzword of “internalized racism” to see how it would go over with the public. Van Jones tried the same thing:

Unfortunately it didn’t go over well with the public, because obviously that’s a silly and ridiculous thing to say. That’s why the protests stopped and we no longer hear much about Tyre Nichols anymore. George Floyd got months of non-stop press coverage because Derek Chauvin is white. Tyre Nichols got a couple days because even CNN watchers weren’t buying it.

She then went on to instruct teachers to teach about Tyre Nichols in class, and tell any kids that didn’t wish to get brainwashed with misinformation and propaganda to stigmatize themselves by stepping out of the classroom until the internalized racism conversation was over.

Kids should not have to opt out of an education to avoid being brainwashed with communist propaganda. No kids in Arlington were affected by the death of Tyre Nicholas at all. Students are much more likely to be personally affected by what happened in Duxbury, since it involved children and is difficult for them to understand how a mother could do that. But the Clancy children were white, so Margaret Credle Thomas could care less about them.

To make things worse she also instructed teachers to tell students who were confused by the fact that the officers were all black, that these officers were actually white supremacists who joined an institution (police) that was created to hunt and torture black people.


She actually got paid to write those words.

The funniest part about the email is how it ended by acknowledging that the upper middle class white people of Arlington were on stolen land that Native Americans once occupied 400 years ago, which makes it OK to occupy their stolen land.

The email also contained a link from the Boston Teacher’s Union with lesson plans on how to teach kids as young as kindergarten that cops are racist murderers.

They want kindergarten students to do a “restorative justice circle.”

Because they haven’t caused enough division to profit off of yet.

You’ll notice that it also contains links to Tyre Nichols GoFundMe, which has raised over $1.3 million, a link to a donation page for a left wing nonprofit, and a link to the BLM merch store, because Patrice Cullors’ 5 mortgages aren’t gonna pay for themselves.

This is a woman earning a very comfortable salary urging people to donate to nonprofits and social causes that have taken in billions of dollars since the death of George Floyd. This is the racism-industrial complex in action. Margaret Credle Thomas’ worst nightmare is to wake up in a world without racism because she would have no idea how to obtain employment.

The DEI industry wants to use the public schools to control and brainwash your kids. Some would say the solution is to abandon them, but I disagree. The public schools belong to me because I pay for them, and my children have a right to attend school without being politically brainwashed by communists who seek to destroy our society from the inside. That’s why it’s important for parents to read every email that their school sends out, click on every link in them, and demand that they stop politicizing our children’s classrooms. Be THAT parent who the school fears because they know you’ll email and cause a fuss whenever they do this. Be a pain in the ass. 



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